MTV Roadies 2022 Vote Out – Which Buddy Pair Got Eliminated Today

MTV Roadies 2022 (Season 18) got a great from it’s premiere episode with 20 contestants.

Roadies 2022 showcase roadies journey in South Africa with new host Sonu Sood.

Makers also made some big changes in the format of Roadies such as introducing Roadiums points, Bikes, Smart Phones as an assistance to their journey.

From this week, we will see eliminations from Roadies where most nominated contestants will get voted out from the show based on the votes received from other Roadies.

On 22nd May 2022, we saw the survival task named Chal Putle between the buddy pairs of danger zone. At the end 1 pair got voted out from Roadies.

Roadies 2022 Updates

On 22nd May 2022, for the Survival Task, Yukti-Nandu chose Baseer-Jash while Sapna-Angad selected Kevin-Soundous. At the end, Yukti-Nandu completed it before Sapna-Angad.

On 14th May 2022, team Kavya-Sid (Sakshi-Bhatia, Simi-Sohil, Kavya-Sid, Dutta-Tanish) won the . With this, Sakshi-Bhatia took this task’s immunity. We also had wildcard entries in the show (eliminated Roadies).

On 13th May 2022, Sonu Sood introduce a twist in the vote out were New Roadies will vote to eliminate the buddy pair while ex-Roadies will vote to save them. At the end, Arushi-Arsh gone home.

Roadies 2022 Elimination News

On 22nd May 2022, Yukti-Nandu and Sapna-Angad competed in the Survival Task. At the end, Sapna-Angad once again got eliminated from Roadies.

On 21st May 2022, at the end of the voting, Sapna-Angad got maximum votes to go home. But there was a twist, this buddy pair will compete in the Survival Task with last week’s danger zone roadies Yukti-Nandu.

On 14th May 2022, team Baseer-Jash lost the Gufa Mein Guftagu task and their team members (Baseer-Jash, Kevin-Soun, Yukti-Nandu, Sapna-Angad) goes in the danger zone. With this, Yukti-Nandu’s danger zone is also activated.

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Sr no.Contestant NameAgeBioSeasonStatus
1Ashish Bhatia26 yrsActor / VJRoadies Real HeroesCompeting
2Gaurav Alugh32 yrsActorRoadies X4Eliminated
(29 April 2022)
3Arushi Chawla28 yrsModelRoadies RevolutionEliminated
(13 May 2022)
4Kavya Khurana27 yrsSocial Media InfluencerRoadies X4Competing
5Kevin Almasifar26 yrsMMA FighterRoadies RevolutionCompeting
6Sapna Malik29 yrsModelRoadies RevolutionRe-eliminated
(22 May 2022)
7Sohil Jhuti28 yrsActor / VJRoadies Real HeroesCompeting
8Yukti Arora24 yrsActressRoadies Real HeroesCompeting
9Aarushi Dutta26 yrsSocial Media InfluencerRoadies Real HeroesCompeting
(22 April 2022)
10Baseer Ali26 yrsModelRoadies RisingCompeting
11Arsh Wahi25 yrsActorDebutEliminated
(13 May 2022)
12Moose Jattana21 yrsModelDebutEliminated
(29 April 2022)
13Jashwanth Bopanna23 yrsFitness Trainer / DancerDebutCompeting
14Sidharth Manoj26 yrsModelDebutCompeting
15Soundous Moufakir27 yrsFinancial AnalystDebutCompeting
16Simi Talsania26 yrsDancerDebutCompeting
17Sakshi Sharma31 yrsPoliceDebutCompeting
18Angad Bawa29 yrsModelDebutRe-eliminated
(22 May 2022)
19Nandini25 yrsDancer / FootballerDebutCompeting
20Tanish Ghorpade28 yrsFashion ModelDebutCompeting
(22 April 2022)

Roadies 2022 Roadiums

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Sr No.Old Roadie NameNew Roadie NameTotal Roadiums
1Arushi ChawlaArsh Wahi0 🪙
2Ashish BhatiaSakshi Sharma1000 🪙
3Kevin AlmasifarSoundous Moufakir3500 🪙
4Sapna MalikAngad Bawa0 🪙
5Sohil JhutiSimi Talsania0 🪙
6Baseer AliJashwanth Bopanna0 🪙
7Yukti AroraNandu1000 🪙
8Gaurav AlughMoose Jattana560 🪙
9KavyaSidharth1000 🪙
10Aarushi DuttaTanish0 🪙

**Roadiums Last Updated: 22nd May 2022

Stay tuned for all the latest updates and news about Roadies Season 18.

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  1. Kevin is real roadie sab usko target kar rahe hai fake hai ye roadies sonu sir khud inko chod kar sabka sapot kar rahe hai sohel aur simi ko bahar jana chahiye aur gamer sirf ashish hai jo bahar jaye ye fare game hoga

  2. I believe Bashir is best and think for team rather than for himself

    Kevin think of himself first and then for team

  3. Love Kevin ❤️……….the only deserving Roadies to win ………He is the best …. perform each n every task with 100% input ……..his every word is straight frm heart …..LOYAL

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