MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants Names, Top 16, Teams – 2023

India’s one and only rap reality show MTV Hustle 3.0 (2023) is back with all new singers and 4 different squads.

MTV Hustle Season 3.0 started on 3 September 2022 showcasing the audition round of all the interested contestants. From them, we got top 16 best rappers/singers.

These 16 contestants were divided in four teams of our 4 judges i.e. Ekka Gangstars, EPR Rebels, Dee MC Dynamites, and Dino Warriors.

Now all these singers will compete against eachother to become the winner of Hustle 3.

Check out below for the list of rappers names, age and hometown of Hustle 03.

MTV Hustle Season 3 Contestants

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Sr No.Rapper NameTeamStatus
1BadalIkka GangstarsEliminated
(12 November 2023)
2Kayden SharmaIkka GangstarsFinalist
3Bob B RandhawaIkka GangstarsEliminated
(10 December 2023)
4RAP IDIkka GangstarsEliminated
(17 December 2023)
5UdayDee MC DynamitesWinner 🏆
6100 RBHDee MC Dynamites2nd Runner-up
7Shen BDee MC DynamitesEliminated
(17 December 2023)
8PrinceDee MC DynamitesEliminated
(26 November 2023)
9Vijay DadaDino WarriorsFinalist
10Poet ShafDino WarriorsEliminated
(3 December 2023)
11BassickDino Warriors1st Runner-up
12BurrahDino WarriorsEliminated
(17 December 2023)
13Mrunal ShankarEPR RebelsFinalist
14GaushEPR RebelsEliminated
(17 December 2023)
15Shady MellowEPR RebelsEliminated
(19 November 2023)
16VishEPR RebelsEliminated
(3 December 2023)

MTV Hustle 3.0 Promos

Promo 1

Promo 2

Promo 3

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