MasterChef UK 2023 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 19

BBC One’s most popular cooking reality show MasterChef UK 2023 (Season 19) reached its finals with top 3 finalists.

MasterChef UK started this eighteenth season with 45 amateur cooks who competed to win this year’s MasterChef title.

From them, we got top 4 finalists in the finals week and from them, yesterday we got the final 3 who competed at the finale for the MasterChef title.

From these 3 finalists, one cook became the become the 19th MasterChef champion 🏆.

The winner of MasterChef UK got MasterChef trophy.

MasterChef UK 2023 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeFromStatusPrize Money
1Anurag40 yrsIndiaRunner-up N/A
2Omar31 yrsBarnsleyRunner-up N/A
3Chariya40 yrsThailandWinner 🏆MasterChef Trophy
4Terri30 yrsWarwickEliminated
(Top 4)

MasterChef UK 2023 Winner Details

The winner of MasterChef UK 2023 is Chariya. She lifted this year’s MasterChef Trophy.

Winner Name: Chariya 🏆

Runner-up Name: Anurag

Runner-up Name: Omar

MasterChef UK 2023 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, the winner of MasterChef UK 2023 might be Anurag or Chariya.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and news about MasterChef UK 2023 Season 19.

2 Replies to “MasterChef UK 2023 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 19”

  1. Many congratulations Chariya, you are an amazing cook from start to finished you deserved it. Your creativity and coping in professional kitchen is top notch. We love your joke and laughing, we will missed seeing you now. We are a fan of master chef UK and Australia. Well done……..

  2. Well done Chariya 🏆
    Your food has been amazing all the way through from start to finish ❤
    Well done to Anarug and Omar ❤

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