MasterChef Junior 2022 Winner, Runner-up, Prize Money – Season 8

America’s most popular kids cooking reality show MasterChef Junior 2022 (Season 8) reached it’s finale with top 2 finalists.

This 8th season of MasterChef Junior started on March 17, 2022 with top 16 selected contestants of 8 to 13 years.

From these 16 child cooks, we got 3 contestants who competed to reserve their place in Top 2 of MasterChef Junior 2022.

From them, 8-year-old Ivy Childs got eliminated last week and we got the top 2 finalists of this season i.e. Liya and Grayson.

Now on the finale, these two finalists competed to win this title and to become MasterChef Junior Champion.

The winner of MasterChef Junior 2022 got the MasterChef Trophy 🏆 as well as winning Prize Money of $100,000💰. With this, she also got a new kitchen from Viking Range, a set of countertop appliances from Breville, a set of kitchen tools from OXO, and a free trip to Caesar’s Palace.

MasterChef Junior 2022 Finalists

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Sr no.Contestant NameAgeFromStatusPrize Money
1Grayson Price11Austin, TexasRunner-up N/A
2Liya Chu10Scarsdale, New YorkWinner 🏆$100,000

MasterChef Junior 2022 Winner Details

The winner of MasterChef Junior 2022 is Liya Chu. She lifted the MasterChef trophy.

Winner Name: Liya 🏆

Runner-up Name: Grayson

MasterChef Junior 2022 Winner Prediction

Looking at the entire journey, as per our prediction the winner of MasterChef Junior might be Grayson. Let’s wait for the confirmed results.

MasterChef Junior 2022 Finale Date

If you are looking for finale date and timing, then the 2-hour finale of MasterChef Junior 2022 was on Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 8/7c. The first hour showcased “The Road to the Finale” while the actual finale started at 9 on Fox.

MasterChef Junior Season 8 was judged by Gordon Ramsay, Daphne Oz and Aarón Sanchez.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news the grand finale of MasterChef Junior Season 8.

13 Replies to “MasterChef Junior 2022 Winner, Runner-up, Prize Money – Season 8”

  1. Predictable, but sad. Liya is pretty much a one-trick pony. Asian food and dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. Grayson showed far more finesse and versatility in every competition. He was often somber, and in the end a lot of it came down to a personality contest because he didn’t kiss but t as much as Liya did. Grayson is by far the better chef.

  2. After getting hooked on this great series, although Liya and Grayson were outstanding ) as were all; I’m with the Second Prize ‘ gets nothing crew, whichever way it went. Grayson as well as being super talented was super poised at the announcement but with all that , he or any second prize winner should have gotten something! Glad I’m not the only one.. who will be hesitant!

  3. It is disappointing that the runner up doesn’t get something. That’s a lot of work, and making it to second runner up to not get any products or money.

    • I totally agree. Kids are the future and those kids that have a love for cooking and can do it with so much enthusiasm and talent should receive something for being runner up. Lyla did Win and congrats to her, but Grayson was who I was hoping to win it. He should of got something for his efforts.

  4. Even in Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune there are consolation prizes. And they sure don’t work as hard as these kids!

    • Totally agree, I think Grayson should have received something he worked very hard and to get nothing was so unfair. Gordon need to change that, these are kids.

  5. I came to this site also looking to see if the runner up received any prizes. Did he? He deserved to win something. There should definitely be a consolation prize of some sort for the runner up!

  6. A good show:series. Why however is it winner take all? The runner up should receive something tangible too. Without runner up, there was no competition to watch.

  7. Great series! LOVE, LOVE the kids, esp Ivy💕.
    My question is, what does Grayson get for second place?
    He surely deserves a big prize as well. Lyla was outstanding👏👏👏👏

    • He gets nothing which is so unfair and I feel Gordon needs to change this because the runner-up worked very hard. And the winner got so much and Grayson got nothing

  8. I’m very disappointed Grayson did not win. His dishes were harder to achieve and looked the best. It’s hard to believe the winner gets so much and 2nd place gets nothing! I doubt I’ll watch next year.

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