MasterChef Canada 2021 Elimination Tonight – Season 7

MasterChef Canada is back with 7th season named MasterChef Canada: Back To Win (2021) with the top 12 contestants.

These 12 contestants are the participants of the previous 6 seasons where these contestants got another chance to win this huge title and trophy of MasterChef.

MasterChef Canada 2021 started premiere from 14th February 2021 with the 3 judges Claudio AprileMichael Bonacini, and Alvin Leung.

All the 12 cooks where very happy after getting another chance to get this title.

On 16th May 2021, we saw the grand finale of MasterChef Canada with the top 3 finalists (Andy, Christopher, and Thea).

On 9th May 2021, we saw the semi-finals with our top 4 cooks who competed and made Ordinary to Extraordinary dishes.

On 2nd May 2021, we saw our remaining contestants pursued the sweet smell of victory with legendary desserts.

MasterChef Canada 2021 Immunity

On 21st March 2021, at the end of the Mystery Box challenge, Andrew won the Immunity.

On 7th March 2021, Team Red won the team challenge and their members Jeremy, Thea, Andrew, Christopher, and Marissa got Immunity this week.

On 14th February 2021, Andre won the advantage for the next week’s challenge.

MasterChef Canada 2021 Eliminations

On 16th May 2021, at the end of the Grand Finale, Christopher was declared as the winner of MasterChef Canada season 7.

On 9th May 2021, at the end of the challenge, Andrew got eliminated from MasterChef Canada season 7.

On 2nd May 2021, at the end of the Pressure Test, Mai got eliminated from MasterChef kitchen.

On 18th April 2021, the bottom 2 dishes were cooked by Christopher and Andy. But there was no elimination.

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeStatusHometownSeason
1Mai Nguyen32Eliminated
(2nd May 2021)
Edmonton, AlbertaSeason 4
2April Lee Baker43Withdrew
(7th March 2021)
Calgary, AlbertaSeason 3
3Dora Cote44Eliminated
(14th Feb 2021)
Wainwright, AlbertaSeason 1
4Andre Bhagwandat30Eliminated
(4th Apr 2021)
Whitby, OntarioSeason 6
5Jeremy Senaris39Eliminated
(11th Apr 2021)
Winnipeg, ManitobaSeason 3
6Dorothea “Thea” VanHerwaarden33Runner-upVancouver, British ColumbiaSeason 4
7Marissa Leon-John34Eliminated
(28th March 2021)
Montréal, QuébecSeason 5
8Andrew Al-Khouri39Eliminated
(9th May 2021)
Halifax, Nova ScotiaSeason 2
9Christopher Siu30WinnerMarkham, OntarioSeason 2
10Andrew “Andy” Hay34Runner-upDartmouth, Nova ScotiaSeason 5
11Barrie McConachie58Eliminated
(21st March 2021)
Vancouver, British ColumbiaSeason 4
12Jennifer “Jen” Jenkins31Eliminated
(14th Mar 2021)
Niagara Falls, OntarioSeason 5

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7 Replies to “MasterChef Canada 2021 Elimination Tonight – Season 7”

  1. What happened to Thea’s face too much Botox she looks terrible compared to season four! And Jeremy should have won over her!

  2. I also didn’t and still don’t understand what the criteria was that sent Jeremy home. I was rooting for him in S3 (he cooked better than Mary all the way!) and thought for sure he’d take the title in B2W. Robbed of the title twice then. So so sad! Was interesting to see Thea & Mai strategically gang up on Christopher in the next episode where they dined with and judged each other. Backfired though as Mai got herself sent home the next episode. Christopher is the underdog, rooting for him to win out of the remaining four. Go Dessert King!

  3. I agree with the above comments, when we saw that it was based on the cooking of the steak, Jeremey’s was perfectly done and Thea’s was not and it was not fair to eliminate Jeremey, the calm, cool and collected cook. Bring him back!

  4. Just watched #8 and was disgusted by the final result. The judge chefs said it came down to the cook of the steak, and Jeremys was a perfect med. rare and Thea’s was undercooked. So I want to know how Thea won??? Is this a scripted result?? Come on judges, don’t play the men against women card, judge fairly who is the best!!! I have watched your show since day 1, but now I’m trying to decide if its worth continuing to watch any more (unfair )episodes.

  5. Having Jeremy eliminated was unfair. He practically had to single handedly complete the first challenge. Thea was limited in her participation because of her allergy. Surely the producers must have been aware of her allergy therefore this challenge was very unfair. I am very disappointed with this segment for Master Chef Canada has always been a family show that did not require explanation.

  6. I don’t agree Jeremy was eliminated as the 3 chefs commented well on his 2 meat dishes. Thea’s meat according to Mike B was somewhat raw, not med rare. What criteria did they base their score? Both of their sauces on the meat separated.
    Personally, Thea is hyper anxious in most of her cooking ; whereas, Jeremy is cool n collected. Most of the judges comments sounded positive on Jeremy. Is this only a make believe drama or sooo scripted.

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