MasterChef Australia Season 12 Winner, Top 2 Finalists, and First Runner Up of Grand Finale

Network 10 started MasterChef Australia season 12 (2020) with a total of 24 returning contestants of the past seasons. Now, this season reached its grand finale week with the top 2 finalists.

MasterChef Australia: Back To Win started its journey on 13 April 2020 and its grand finale will be aired on Monday, 20 July 2020.

For the very first time, this season is judged by 3 well-known celebrities Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen, who replaced Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston.

Now the MasterChef Australia lovers are very much excited to watch the Finals Week and the Grand Finale of this season.

As we know that Reynold Poernomo already reached into the Finals Week by cooking a great dessert called ‘The Snitch’.

Now in the Finals week, we will see Gordon Ramsay’s Mystery Box Challenge (on 13 July 2020) followed by the Ordinary or Extraordinary Pantry Elimination Challenge (14 July 2020).

As per our prediction, the Top 2 finalists of this season would be Emelia and Reynold.

The Top 2 finalists of MasterChef Australia season 12 are Laura and Emelia.

On 19 July 2020, we saw the Semi-Final Pressure Test: Martin Benn between our Top 3 contestants who cooked a Toffee Apple which is Martin’s signature dish. And from them, Reynold got eliminated and we got our Top 2 finalists and they are Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson.

Finally on 20 July 2020, in the Grand Finale Week, our Top 2 Finalists will be cooking for the last time followed by the announcement of the MasterChef Australia Season 12 Winner.

MasterChef Australia Season 12 Top 2 Finalists

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Sr No.FinalistResultPrize
1Emelia JacksonWinner$250,000
2Laura SharradFirst Runner-up$30,000

MasterChef Australia 12 Winner Details

Emelia Jackson is the winner of MasterChef Australia Season 12: BACK TO WIN

Laura Sharrad declared as the first runner-up of this season.

Today in the Grand Finale, the top 2 finalists Emelia and Laura will be cooking for the final time in the MasterChef kitchen. They will have to cook a three-course meal for the judges and all the contestants of MasterChef Australia season 12 in the given 4 hours of time.

The 3-course meal includes an entree, main, and a dessert.

UPDATE: Emelia cooked Scallops as an entree, Beef Short Rib in main, and Pistachio financier dessert whereas Laura cooked Bonito as an entree, Pork main, and Artichoke Ice cream dessert.

Prediction: Between the top 2 finalists, Laura and Emelia. There is a very high chance that Emelia Jackson could be the winner of MasterChef Australia: Back To Win.

The winner of this season will get the title of ‘MasterChef‘ and the $250,000 prize.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and news of MasterChef Australia Season 12.

13 Replies to “MasterChef Australia Season 12 Winner, Top 2 Finalists, and First Runner Up of Grand Finale”

  1. Very disappointed to see Emelia and Laura going to finals
    This is fudging
    Reynold is by far the best
    Sad the new 3 judges are cheats
    Emelia and Laura are very ordinary cooks shame

  2. after watching S12 MC AU i know its all a gimmick, there are no real winners, there is no way laura is anywhere near being a great chef, she cooked nothing but safe dishes, nothing extortionary, nothing exotic, always something a sou chef can cook blindfolded. her resturant will always be a 1-2 star nothing higher than that.
    as for reynolds i dont trust him at all after the reynolds homophobic scandal, once a hater always a hater, many world leaders proved that.
    The ones that should had been in the last leg of this fake competition should been brendan, callum, pho, and reece. I will not finish watching this fake stuff and not looking forward to any more seasons of masterchef, this is not masterchef more like dumbochef. one last thing why dont masterchef ever cook Native Indian food? like buffalo stew, Indian tacos, frybread with fresh berry jam, make some tasty jerky using elk, venison, buffalo. oh yea thats right they know nothing about Native Indian foods.

    • Yes Reynold must be the winner
      Emelia doesn’t deserve it
      I noticed that the results is fixed
      Sad to see Emrlia and Laura win
      Very mediocre cooks

  3. Reynold and Emilia were by far the 2 best in this Competition. I dare say Reynold the most talented of all. He has the potential of being a true Giant in his field. A Final between them would be a fitting one. Laura, who evidently rode on simple and safe dishes, was the party spoiler as far as a cracker of a Final goes. Po was the most over-rated and over pampered chef in this entire competition. The way the judges and the producers gave her soft comments and screen time, despite her mostly ‘ I am Clueless’ demeanor was the main flaw in an overall good season. Among the Judges, Jock was the best by far. Andy as too repetitive in his comments.

  4. Reynold was the most deserving contestant he was creative risk taker and would create magic ….Laura on the other hand always made simple dishes was not at all an efficient contender to be even in the top 5 ….Dnt know why judges praised Laura n emilias dishes Who always stuck with her strong side ie making pastry whereas other contestants like Callum ,Poh , Sarah ,Jess where the top 5 contenders …for us the real winner is Reynold !!!!

  5. Reynold eliminated!!! No way!! Laura might be a cook but doesn’t deserve to be in top5. She is not that creative , sticks to safe dishes! I was rooting for Reynold. Even Emelia, though a better cook than Emilia is not a risk taker like Reynold or Callum! I don’t want to watch d finals now.

  6. Devastated by the fact Reynold and Callum got eliminated, I was totally rooting for these two to be on top two.
    Anyway not so pumped with these two in the finale, I stopped watching right after Reece got eliminated.

    • Masterchef australia 12 is pre decided. They wanted to bring Laura to finale,so eliminated Callum & then now Reynold. Laura through our crying & making emotional judges has come to final. It’s injustice to Reynold whose comparision Laura n0thing. It’s like last year Larrisa ‘s win & this year Laura. Done for publicity. We all loosing interest in master Chef Australia. We are regular viewers from season 1.totally disappointing.

  7. Callum is an innovative & risk-taking contestant on MasterChef compared to Laura who plays safe with known dishes. Still, Callum eliminated. We expect fair, non-biased judgment in MasterChef Australia Finals. Reynold & Emelia both deserve to be winner. Thanks

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