MasterChef Australia Season 12 Elimination Tonight – Top 2

MasterChef Australia is back with season 12 named MasterChef Australia: Back To Win with the top 24 contestants.

These 24 contestants are the participants of the previous 11 seasons where makers gave another chance to win this huge title and trophy of MasterChef.

MasterChef Australia 12 started premier from 13th April 2020 with 3 new judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen. These 3 judges replaced Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston.

The show already reached in the 13th and the final week of this season with the remaining top 5 contestants.

Last week, Reynold Poernomo already reached in the top 5 of this season by cooking a great dish.

Latest Updates of MasterChef Australia Season 12

On Monday 20 July 2020, we will see the Grand Finale of MasterChef Australia season 12 where the top 2 finalists Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad cooking a 3-course full meal for the final time in this kitchen. Now it will be very interesting to see who wins this title. [Read our Prediction below]

On Sunday 19 July 2020, we will see the last pressure test of this season in the Martin Benn’s Pressure Test challenge where the Top 3 contestants will be cooking a Toffee Apple to make a spot in the Top 2 of the Grand Finale Week. [Result: Reynold got eliminated tonight]

Top 3 Finalists: In today’s elimination challenge, Callum Hann gets eliminated from the MasterChef Australia season 12. The top 3 finalists are Emelia, Reynold, and Laura.

On Tuesday 14 July 2020, we will see Ordinary or Extraordinary Pantry Elimination Challenge where contestants (Laura, Callum, and Reynold) will choose the ingredients from an ordinary pantry or an extraordinary pantry. In the end, we will get our Top 3 finalists of the MasterChef Australia Season 12. (Emelia already reached into the Semis)

On Monday 13 July 2020, the Top 4 contestants will be cooking in front of Multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay in the Gordon Ramsay’s Mystery Box Challenge. The winner of this challenge will enter into the Grand Finale Week. [Result: Winner of this challenge is Emelia Jackson]

On Sunday 12 July 2020, we saw the Four Course Service Elimination Challenge in which the bottom 4 contestants, i.e. Laura, Callum, Reece, and Emelia compete to stay safe from the elimination. The remaining 3 contestants joined Reynold in the Top 4 of MasterChef Australia season 12 (check out the promo).

On 7 July 2020, The top three dishes of Terrarium Mystery Box were cooked by Laura, Callum, and Reynold. These 3 will be going into the immunity challenge and 1 of these 3 will directly enter into the Top 4 i.e. in the Finals Week.

Immunity Winner: Reynold Poernomo won the last and final Immunity of this season. With this, he also reserved his spot in the Top 4 of MasterChef Australia Season 12.
All the 3 judges got impressed with the dish cooked (The Snitch) by Reynold.

On 6 July 2020, the Top 5 contestants cooked for the last immunity challenge. The makers of the top 3 dishes from the Terrarium Mystery Box challenge will battle it out for one last chance at winning the final immunity of this season.

On 5 July 2020, we saw the elimination episode where contestants got the last chance to reserve a spot in the Top 5 of MasterChef Australia with Phil Wood’s All-In Pressure Test.

Phil Wood, from two of Victoria’s finest restaurants, reveals a pressure test. Contestants must replicate his dish of potatoes duchess with shiitakes and cauliflower.

MasterChef Australia Season 12 Top 2 Contestants

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Sr no.Contestant NameAgeStatusPrize
1Emelia Jackson30Winner$250,000
2Laura Sharrad24First Runner-up$30,000
3Reynold Poernomo26Second Runner-up
(19 July 2020)
4Reece Hignell30Eliminated
(12 July 2020)
5Callum Hann30Eliminated
(14 July 2020)

MasterChef Australia Elimination Spoilers / Predictions

20 July 2020 Winner Prediction
As per our prediction, from Emelia and Laura; Emelia Jackson will win MasterChef Australia season 12 title while Laura Sharrad will be the first runner-up of this season.

19 July 2020 Prediction: As per our today’s prediction, from Emelia, Laura, and Reynold; Laura Sharrad could get eliminated tonight and the Top 2 finalists could be Reynold and Emelia.

14 July 2020 Prediction: As per our today’s prediction, from Laura, Reynold, and Callum; Laura Sharrad could get eliminated tonight.

12 July 2020 Prediction: As per our prediction, from Laura, Callum, Reece, and Emelia, Reece Hignell could get eliminated this week.

5 July 2020, As per the latest update, it looks like Poh Ling Yeow will get eliminated tonight from MasterChef Australia 12 race.

MasterChef Australia Elimination News

Emelia Jackson is the winner of MasterChef Australia Season 12: BACK TO WIN

Laura Sharrad declared as the first runner-up of this season

20 July 2020 UPDATE: Emelia cooked Scallops as an entree, Beef Short Rib in main, and Pistachio financier dessert whereas Laura cooked Bonito as an entree, Pork main, and Artichoke Ice cream dessert.

For 19 July 2020, from the top 3 finalists, i.e. Reynold, Laura, and Emelia; Reynold got eliminated from the MasterChef Australia season 12 race.

For 14 July 2020, Our prediction went wrong this time, but it’s okay. Talking about tonight’s elimination challenge, Laura, Reynold are declared safe and joins Emelia as the Top 3 finalists. Whereas Callum Hann got eliminated from the MasterChef Australia season 12 race.

For 12 July 2020: Our prediction was correct! Tonight Reece got eliminated from MasterChef Australia Season 12. As per Judges, the dish cooked by Reece was a very safe combination dish.
So, we got our Top 4 contestants and they are Reynold, Laura, Callum, Reece, and Emelia.

For 5 July 2020, Laura and Emelia were already safe from the round two of elimination. So it was a huge competition between Recee, Callum, and Poh. And from them, Poh Ling Yeow gets eliminated.

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  1. Lol these judges are a absolute joke. They blast Reece’s dish for being too safe then reward the meat and 2 veg lamb,mint, peas combo ummm please name a safer combo if you can please? So no.1 finals worthy dish is cooking a butchered rack of lamb with a sauce? No. 2 final worthy dish is fish in a broth with fennel? I mean yawn these are the dishes? Did I mention these judges are laughable?

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