MasterChef Australia 2021 Winner, Runner-up, Prize Money

Network Ten’s culinary show MasterChef Australia 2021 (season 13) reached it’s Grand Finale with top 3 finalists.

Tonight these 3 contestants will compete with each other to move forward to the top 2 of this season.

On 12 July 2021, we saw Justin, Kishwar, and Pete cooked at the first night of Grand Finale. At the end here is the points table Pete – 53, Kishwar – 51, Justin – 50.

While on 13 July 2021, these top 3 cooked for the final time in the Masterchef Australia’s kitchen. It was followed by the winner and runner-up announcement.

The winner of MasterChef Australia 2021 got MasterChef trophy, the prize money of A$250,000, and some other gifts.

MasterChef Australia 2021 Finalists

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Sr no.Finalist nameAgeFromStatusPrize
1Pete Campbell36NSW1st Runner-up$30,000
2Kishwar Chowdhury38VIC2nd Runner-up$20,000
3Justin Narayan27WAWinner$250 000

MasterChef Australia 2021 Winner / Runner-up

Justin became the winner and lifted MasterChef Australia 2021 trophy. He also won $250,000.

Winner Name: Justin Narayan

1st Runner-up Name: Pete Campbell

2nd Runner-up Name: Kishwar Chowdhury

MasterChef Australia 2021 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, the top 2 contestants might be Kishwar and Pete. And from them, Pete might become the winner of MasterChef Australia 2021. For the confirmation we will just have to wait and watch the Grand Finale.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and news of MasterChef Australia 2021 Grand Finale.

21 Replies to “MasterChef Australia 2021 Winner, Runner-up, Prize Money”

  1. I hope Pete wins. I adore Kishwars humility and passion for Bengali cuisine. However I would have liked to have seen her cook something other than curry after curry after curry. Pete is innovative and pushing modern cuisine to new heights. He deserves the win. I also adore Justin. His growth is amazing however he hasn’t mastered finesse yet. I mean – tacos for a fine dining entree????

  2. All the three contestants are capable of winning the trophy. We want to trust judges, the judgements they have given so far is just awesome. Best wishes for KISHWAR from Bangladesh.

  3. Kishwar deserves to be the winner. When people can’t achieve anything in their life, they always try to find a fault in others life. As Kishwar is in the top and living her dream, these people are there to blame her emotions. Feeling pity for you losers!

  4. I think kishwar done a great job.
    She represents her culture, heritage.
    And she is also versatile (watch round two).
    Bengali cuisine is so difficult.. If you don’t believe then i suggest you to try some Bengali cuisine.
    Pete and justin are good.. But can they make this difficult Bengali cuisine..
    Most of all, It’s common to become emotional in that stage.. There is not too many people in Bangladesh can participate in #masterchef..
    She is so humble.

    • I adore Kishwar and her whole person ality. I believe she has been the most consistent for the whole competition and I hope she wins. The judges have made it obvious as to who they want to win as shown in the cook off between the 2 last week. I hope they judge fairly tonight or I for one won’t ever watch again.

    • Lol, theyre all talented, and they all can make all the dishes/cuisines. It just a matter of time that takes and what cuisines are you used to make. Do you think Kishwar can make the PBJ icecream Pete did? I dont think so, I bet she wouldnt even get that idea, because she is not used to that cuisine

  5. I hope Kishwar Chowdhury will be the winner as a Bangladeshi she will make a delicious Bangali Dish in the Grand Finale.May Allah bless her.

  6. Yes depinder was best Kishwar with her tears came till here judges also got soft arey this was not audition sorry the judges got carried away they will make Kishwar winner wich is not done

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