MasterChef Australia 2021 Eliminations – Season 13

MasterChef Australia 2021 (series 13) started it’s journey with the top 24 selected contestants after audition.

Now these top 24 amateur cooks will compete in various cooking challenges throughout the season to become MasterChef Australia 2021 winner.

This year’s MasterChef Australia is judged by Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen.

On 13th July 2021, these 3 finalists cooked in the final round. At the of this challenge we got the winner of MasterChef Australia 2021.

On 12th July 2021, we saw Grand Finale of The MasterChef Australia 2021 with top 3 finalists Pete, Justin, and Kishwar. At the end of the first round, Pete scored 53, Kishwar got 51 while Justin scored 50 points.

On 11th July 2021, we saw Justin, Kishwar, and Elise competed in the semi-finals service based challenge.

On 7th July 2021, we saw our top 4 competed in the Gemstone Affinity Duel Challenge. The winner of this challenge became the first finalist of MasterChef Australia 2021.

MasterChef Australia 2021 Immunity

On 7th July 2021, from Kishwar, Justin, Pete, and Elise. The top 2 who competed in the 2nd round were Pete and Kishwar. From them, Pete became the first Grand Finalist of this season.

On 1st July 2021, at the end of the Immunity challenge, Linda‘s Lemon Banquet 🍋 made her win the last immunity of this season as well as she became the first contestant to enter into the Finals week 🎉🎊🎉

On 30th June 2021, at the end of the Mystery Box challenge, Elise (BlackBerry Tortellini), Justin (Lamb and Cauliflower), and Linda (Pepper Crusted Lamb) were the top 3. They will compete for the last immunity.

On 24th June 2021, at the end of the Immunity challenge, Sabina was declared as the winner. She also got immune from the upcoming double elimination as well as she got $10,000 worth of groceries from Coles.

MasterChef Australia 2021 Elimination News

On 11th July 2021, at the end of the semi-final challenge, Elise got eliminated while Justin and Kishwar reserved their place in the Grand Finale with Pete.

On 6th July 2021, from the top 5 contestants, the contestant who got eliminated tonight was Linda Dalrymple.

On 5th July 2021, the bottom 2 contestants were Sabina and Linda. At the end, Sabina got eliminated.

On 4th July 2021, bottom 3 cooks were Tommy, Elise, and Pete. At the end of elimination challenge, Tommy got eliminated from MasterChef kitchen.

On 29th June 2021, from Pete, Kishwar, Depinder, and Tommy; Depinder got eliminated from MasterChef Australia.

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Sr no.Contestant NameProfessionFromAgeStatus
1Linda DalrympleMotherNSW38Eliminated
(6th July 2021)
2Brent DraperBoilermakerQLD31Withdrew
(13th June 2021)
3Pete CampbellTattoo ArtistNSW361st Runner-up
4Therese LumBusiness AnalystNSW31Eliminated
(11th May 2021)
5Minoli De SilvaDefence ManagerNT34Eliminated
(27th June 2021)
6Conor CurranRestaurant ManagerVIC29Eliminated
(16th May 2021)
7Kishwar ChowdhuryBusiness DeveloperVIC382nd Runner-up
8Yo Yo YangStudentSA19Eliminated
(25th April 2021)
9Amir ManolyProject ManagerVIC30Eliminated (8th June 2021)
10Depinder KaurPharmacistNSW29Eliminated
(29th June 2021)
11Scott BagnellInterior DesignerQLD39Eliminated
(27th June 2021)
12Tom LevickLaw StudentNSW23Eliminated
(30th May 2021)
13Dan DumbrellResearch OfficerNSW31Eliminated
(6th June 2021)
14Eric MaoStudentNSW21Eliminated
(25th May 2021)
15Jessica HodgeArchitectNSW36Eliminated
(23rd May 2021)
16Justin NarayanYouth WorkerWA27Winner
17Maja VeitSelf-employedTAS33Eliminated
(15th June 2021)
18Sabina NewtonStudentNSW21Eliminated
(5th July 2021)
19Tommy PhamTeacherNSW31Eliminated
(4th July 2021)
20Trent VuSales ManagerNSW23Eliminated
(22nd April 2021)
21Aaron SandersInsurance ManagerSA34Eliminated
(20th June 2021)
22Katrina DunnettMarketing coordinatorSA25Eliminated
(27th April 2021)
(11th July 2021)
24Wynona DaviesMarketingN/A33Eliminated
(9th May 2021)

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