Maharaj Ki Jai Ho: Cricket match between Dhritrashtra and Suryabhan, Sanjay to meet Sunaina

Star Plus’s recently launched comedy serial Maharaj Ki Jai Ho (MKJH) is up for a drama in the upcoming story where Sanjay meets Sunaina.

So far we have seen that Maharaja Suryabhan goes to Hastinapur for a war with Maharaja Dhritrashtra.

But here Dhritrashtra is in the mood to play cricket and Suryabhan also gets interested in it.

Later Sanjay requests to play a cricket match in place of war and both of them agreed.

Dhritrashtra and Suryabhan start a T20 cricket match on Gandhari’s birthday.

On the other side, Dr. D’Souza tells Sanjay to be prepared to go to future in the coming days. He is trying to create a black hole.

Sanjay meets Sunaina

Later on, we will see that Sanjay will meet an unapologetic and brave girl princess Sunaina.

The role of Sunaina is played by actress Riya Sharma. Meanwhile, Shakuni’s goons captivate Sanjay.

Here Dr. D’Souza successfully creates a black hole and waits for Sanjay to come.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Sanjay and Dr. D’Souza will travel to the future or not.

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