KZK2: Prerna’s masterstroke to spoil Anurag-Komolika’s honeymoon

In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (KZK 2), viewers will see a good drama where Prerna plays her masterstroke to spoil Anurag Komolika honeymoon.

So far we have seen that Komolika has gone furious after Anurag saved Prerna from her deadly attack.

Hence with the help of Mohini Basu, Komolika planned a honeymoon with Anurag leaving Prerna in shock.

This is all planned by Anurag’s mother Mohini so that Komolika spends some time with Anurag in the farmhouse.

Prerna’s masterstroke to spoil Komolika’s honeymoon

Anurag made this farmhouse in a place where Anurag-Prerna had spent their moments in that hut which is located outside that priest temple who was the witness of AnuPre’s marriage.

Prerna doesn’t know how she can join this trip with Basu members and later finds an idea.

Prerna executes his plan by calling the servant and switches-off the electricity of the farmhouse.

Mohini and Nivedita are tensed and thus call Prerna for the help to get an electrician.

Now it would be interesting to see what other things Prerna will do to fed up Komolika and others.

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