KZK2: Prerna meets Sneha Bajaj in School

The upcoming story of Star Plus popular show Kasauti Zindagi Ki is up for new twist and turn in Prerna’s life.

Till now we have seen that Prerna is unaware on why Mr. Bajaj married with her.

Prerna keeps questioning Mr. Bajaj to answer this but he requests her to wait for the right time.

Prerna meets her mother Veena where she calls her Mr. Bajaj’s property as there is no clear reason behind this marriage.

Prerna meets Sneha Bajaj

Prerna gets angry with this question and thus confronts Mr. Bajaj for the answer.

Mr. Bajaj takes her to school where he meets Sneha to her saying she is the only reason behind the marriage.

Bajaj also continues that he is happy seeing bonding between Prerna and Sneha.

Here Prerna will get to know that Mr. Bajaj is not a rude or cruel person but actually a good man.

Now it would be very entertaining to see whether Prerna will accept Sneha as her daughter or not.

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