KZK2: Mohini scolds Veena, Nivedita ready to marry Mr.Bajaj

Star Plus’s popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (KZK2) is ready for a huge new twist in the upcoming story when Nivedita express to marry with Mr. Bajaj.

So far we have seen that Mr. Bajaj and Prerna decided to celebrate the success of the Bajaj City’s deal.

Prerna also invited Komolika, Anurag, and other Basus in this inauguration party.

Komolika is frustrated and lashes out at Anurag on how she managed to do this without your support.

Later in the party, the egoistic Mohini Basu confronts Veena and scolds her about how Prerna trapped Mr. Bajaj and all his property.

Nivedita interested in Mr. Bajaj

In return, Veena also gives strong replies and requests Mohini to think about her daughter Nivedita.

Thereafter Mohini also scolds Nivedita and says why she married a middle-class Anupam and not the rich guy.

Here Nivedita shows interest in Mr. Bajaj and says she will marry him, Mohini gets shocked hearing this.

Now it would be really exciting to see whether Nivedita is serious about Mr. Bajaj and if yes then how she will do this.

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