KZK: Anurag fills Prerna's hairline with Sindoor, Komolika plans to kill her

KZK: Anurag fills Prerna’s hairline with Sindoor, Komolika plans to kill her

In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi Kay, viewers will see an interesting twist where Anurag fills Prerna’s hairline with sindoor.

So far we have seen that Sonalika reveals real identity that she is Komolika in front of Shivani and Prerna.

Komolika is very angry when Prerna shows that she has Mangalsutra, Sindoor as well as Anurag’s baby.

Hence with the help of Mohini, Komolika creates a plan to do these rituals with Anurag during Tulsi Pooja.

But clever Prerna will fail Komolika’s plan and by mistake, Anurag will fill Prerna’s hairline with Sindoor.

Komolika’s deadly attack to kill Prerna and her unborn baby

Komolika fumes in anger seeing Anurag did all these rituals with Prerna and Prerna had once again failed her plan.

Hotheaded Komolika will once again show her madness and creates a deadly trap to kill Prerna.

She takes the help of an electrician thru which Komolika keeps live electric wires on Prerna’s way.

Now it would be enthralling to see whether it will harm Prerna or once again Anurag will become her safeguard.

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