KZK 2: Viraj shot Prerna, forced her to marry him

Star Plus’s most popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (KZK 2) is ready for the new twist and turns in the upcoming storyline.

So far we have seen that Anurag found Viraj’s real identity that he is just a fraud and tries to reveal this truth to Prerna.

On the other hand, Prerna goes to Viraj’s farmhouse to request him to change his marriage decision as she loves Anurag.

Here Prerna will also find Viraj’s real face that he wants to marry her just for revenge. Anurag also falls in Viraj’s trap and his goons captivated him.

Prerna gets shocked seeing Anurag in an unconscious state and request Viraj to leave him.

Viraj shot Prerna, Anurag is shocked

Here Viraj puts a marriage condition in front of Prerna and she accepts it as she has no other option.

Now we will see a new turn in the storyline when Anurag gets conscious and fight with goons to stop this marriage.

Prerna comes in between to save Anurag there Viraj shot Prerna when his leg slips from the cliff.

Anurag gets restless and shocked seeing Prerna and her child in this condition.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Prerna’s unborn child will be safe or not.

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