KZK 2: Prerna rushes to save Anurag from an accident

Star Plus popular daily soap Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 (KZK 2) will showcase an interesting twist and turn with Anurag’s accident.

So far we have seen that Komolika had planned Prerna’s death in a car accident by doing brake fail.

But instead of Prerna, Anurag will take this tampered car and will request Prerna to stay at home.

Later Prerna and her family will get to know that somebody has failed the car’s brakes which Anurag is currently driving.

Prerna will get a huge shock hearing this and will rush and chase Anurag’s car to save him from an accident.

Anurag’s car to meet an accident

Here will see Anurag will start getting flashes from his past and on the other hand he is trying to control the car.

But even after so much effort, Anurag’s car will get crashed with another car and will meet an accident (it could be Prerna’s car).

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Anurag will regain his lost memory in this accident or not.

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