KZK 2: Prerna-Anurag’s auction face-off, Kuki-Kaushik’s love story begins

Star Plus’s serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 (KZK 2) is ready for the intensive twist in the upcoming storyline.

So far we have seen that Kukki-Kaushik saved Anurag and Prerna from the fire accident and then we saw Anurag going for an auction deal.

Anurag had a dream project to build a Basu City and is very much interested to buy this land.

Prerna is also aware of this dream and will try to create hurdles for Anurag.

Hence during the auction, Prerna bids to such an extent that Anurag has stopped bidding.

Prerna ends the auction by purchasing the land at a very huge price.

Later we will see Anurag-Prerna’s confrontation where he gets stunned seeing he lost to a lady and she is none other than Prerna.

Prerna is doing all this to take revenge from Anurag and will make his life hell.

Kaushik-Kukki’s hate cum love story

On the other hand, we are seeing a new love story cooking up between Anurag’s nephew Kaushik and Mr. Bajaj’s daughter Kuki.

While saving AnuPre, Kuki’s earing falls in Kaushik’s car. She thinks that he has stolen it.

But in the auction, these love birds will meet once again where Kaushik will handover this earing to Kuki and he makes her wear it with much love.

Kukki later feels that she was wrong and tries to apologize to Kaushik in her style.

Later we will also see the cute word fight between Kuki and Kaushik.

It seems like soon we will see new hate turned love story between Kuki and Kaushik.

Now it would be interesting to see what will be Komolika’s reaction when she will get the news that Anurag lost in a land auction against Prerna.

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