KZK 2: Mr. Bajaj saved Sneha, Anurag kills Prerna – New Promo

Star Plus’s most popular and loveable serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 (KZK 2) is ready for the intense drama and twist with a new promo where Anurag to kill Prerna.

So far we have seen that Sneha’s health is not good and is kept under observation. Doctor orders Anurag to find blood for Sneha as her blood group is rare and is not matching with him.

This creates doubt in Mohini Basu’s mind that Sneha is not Anurag’s daughter.

Here Anurag tries his level best to search blood to save his daughter and luckily will find it from the blood bank.

But unfortunately, Anurag meets an accident and by this, the blood packet will get destroyed. He gets shattered seeing the last packet of blood got wasted and returns to the hospital.

Here he will find somebody already gave blood to Sneha and now he starts a search for that man.

Now we will see a twist where Anurag finds that the person who gave blood is none other than Mr. Bajaj and gets shocked seeing it is mentioned that Bajaj is Sneha’s father.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Anurag will also doubt Prerna’s character and will Mr. Bajaj will make a re-entry in the show or it is all framed by Komolika.

Anurag kills Prerna – New Promo

On the other hand, we saw a new promo in which Anurag is shown in hatred and revenge mode.

Anurag tried to kill Prerna by pushing her from the terrace.

As per the netizens, Anurag is doing a drama to save Sneha from Komolika’s clutches. Or maybe Anurag is doubtful that Sneha is Prerna-Bajaj’s daughter and is his revenge.

Anurag-Prerna’s fans are not happy with this upcoming track and want them to leave the serial.

It would be really interesting to see the reason why Anurag is doing all this.

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15 Replies to “KZK 2: Mr. Bajaj saved Sneha, Anurag kills Prerna – New Promo”

  1. Stop watching show if prena love mr baja.bakwas serial h.no reality of love seen.kasuti ka matlb ye nhi ki dusre s love ho jaye. Anu and prena love 🐦 ha.why u want to show same as kzk1 .no need to make kzk2

  2. Anurag pushes and kills Prerna disgusting. True love se vishwas hi utt gaya ab toh. Bhale hi baadme wo Prerna hi bhalaai ke liye hi kyu nai ho. But flop story liya he. People use to love seeing dramas and 3-4 marriages of 1 person . Now taste of people has changed, they don’t like to see bulls**t stories. Ekta kapoor plz stop marrying again and again without any divorce in hand .

  3. It is very disappoint to see in every series there is always someone evil and they do not get caught. Evil always over find out the good people’s plan but good people never find out the evil people’s plan

    If Anrug and Prena get separated I will stop watching

  4. I will not watch the serial from now. Baseline of true love has been removed. Alag hi krna tha kisi aur stroy ke through krtey. anurag and komolika ke beech kabhi romance expect nahi kiya ja skta. worst case. iske baad koi trust nahi krega true love par. anurag ko intensionally ye krtey dikhaya ja rha hai chiii…

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