KZK 2: Anurag regains his memory, Prerna delivers a baby girl

KZK 2: Anurag regains his memory, Prerna delivers a baby girl

Star Plus’s popular daily soap Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (KZK 2) is ready for a high voltage drama and twist as Anurag gets his lost memory.

So far we have Viraj forced Prerna to marry him and Anurag fight with him to stop this marriage.

In this fight, Viraj leg slips and mistakenly shot Prerna, here Anurag rushes towards the hospital and admits her.

During all this Anurag gets the flashes of his past memory but right now he is tensed for Prerna and her unborn baby.

Prerna is safe and she delivers a baby girl and this news makes Anurag very much happy.

Mohini, Moloy and other Basus will also rush towards the hospital.

Anurag gets his memory, Komolika shocked

Thereafter, we will see another good news when Anurag finally regains his lost memory.

Prerna is also happy and emotional on getting 2 good news.

Later, Anurag decides to take Prerna and his baby girl to Basu mansion.

On the other hand, Sonalika is nervous post learning that Anurag got his lost memories.

It seems like from now the storyline of Kasauti will take a new turn as shown in the new promo.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Sonalika and Prerna will live together in Basu house or Prerna will expose Sonalika’s real identity.

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