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Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India Written Update 16 August 2020

Today’s (16th August 2020) episode of Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India (KKK Made In India) starts with Rohit Shetty’s welcoming all the champions but he makes fun of them.

All the fear fanda holders i.e. Karan Patel, Nia, Harsh, Aly Goni, Jay, and Bharti will do the stunt to get relief from this fanda.

After the stunt, the contestants who still have fear fanda will compete in the elimination stunt, and from them, 1 will get eliminated.

But before this, Rohit Shetty introduces a gift (a letter) for Harsh Limbachiyaa which was sent by one of his fans.

Bharti reads the letter in her funny way targeting her husband and Nia Sharma.

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the day which will be performed in the Cycle stand.

This is a partner stunt in which one partner will be riding a cycle and another partner will be holding a bag on the given end. As soon as the cycle starts, fish will come out from it and the other partner will have to catch the fish in that bag.

Harsh-Jay and Bharti-KP will do this stunt.

Harsh and Jay starts the stunt first and performed it well.

Now Bharti-Karan Patel starts the stunt and performed well.

Harsh-Jay collected 10 Kgs fish while Bharti-KP collected 3 Kgs fish. So, Harsh-Jay wins and gets relief from the fear fanda. Bharti-KP goes into the elimination round.

Now it’s time for the second stunt of the day which will be done in the Golmaal area.

But before this one of the fans of Jasmin sends her a letter which read by Harsh-Bharti in their funny way.

Fan asks her to sing a song but Rohit Shetty adds a his own twist in this.

Now it’s stunt time in which a contestant will be inside a box and he/she will have to arrange the rummy cards with the help of a magnet. The twist in the stunt is that the box has water in it and it will keep increasing.

This stunt will be performed by Aly and Nia Sharma.

Nia starts the stunt first and completed it well.

Now Aly Goni starts the stunt and finished it.

Aly took 6 mins 5 secs while Nia took 4 mins 26 secs. So, Nia wins this stunt and gets relief from fear fanda. Aly Goni goes directly in the elimination stunt.

Jasmin Bhasin plays a prank on Karan Wahi and Aly Goni with the help of stunt crew members. But in return, she gets fooled by this duo.

Now it’s time for the elimination stunt which will be performed by fear fanda holders i.e. Bharti, Karan Patel, and Aly Goni.

In this stunt, the contestant will be lying inside a box but the twist here is that as soon as the stunt will start, the box will start filling with tear gas. So, the contestant who spends more time in this box will win.

Aly Goni will do it first followed by Karan Patel and then Bharti.

Aly starts the stunt and performed well.

Now Karan Patel starts the stunt and performed it well.

Now Bharti Singh starts the stunt and performed it very well.

Aly Goni stayed in the box for 2 mins 52 secs, Karan Patel stayed for 2 mins 44 secs while Bharti stayed for 3 mins 15 secs. So, Bharti-Aly Goni won the stunt and Karan Patel gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India.

Precap: All the contestants doing a stunt on the top of the Bus with Rohit Shetty. Later he introduces his Bollywood stunt team in the stunt. Jasmin has seen doing the daredevil stunt.

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