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Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India Written Update 15 August 2020

Today’s (15th August 2020) episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India (KKK Made In India) starts with a video of real-life superheroes (COVID warriors) of this pandemic i.e doctors, sweepers, police, etc. Rohit Shetty thanked them.

He also invited the senior police officer. He explains how Police team is fighting in this pandemic and helping the public of the slum area (Dharavi).

Now it’s time for the first stunt of this new week which will be performed in the Darwaja-E-Dard. This week the contestants will fight to stay safe from elimination.

Now the first stunt is a partner stunt in which 1 partner will be locked inside a water container. The second partner is also in the container who will guide 1st partner to get the code of the locks. Once all the 3 locks are unlocked they both will have to get the final key, unlock the final lock, and pull the rope. The twist in this stunt is that the water in the container will keep increasing gradually.

This stunt will be performed by Harsh-Nia and Bharti-Karan Wahi.

Nia-Harsh starts the stunt first and successfully completes it.

Now Bharti-Wahi starts the stunt and they also completed it.

Nia-Harsh completed the stunt in 6 mins 20 secs while Bharti-Wahi took 5 mins 40 secs. So, Bharti-Wahi won the stunt and Nia-Harsh got the fear fanda. The winner of this stunt will once again compete to stay safe from elimination.

Now Rohit Shetty introduces the story of another warrior Aaji who is 85 years old. Everybody gets emotional after seeing her story. She also sent the challenge for the contestants and they tried to perform it.

Now in the second stunt, one partner will be inside a container that is full of waste. While another partner will be locked in the tunnel and the 1st partner will go inside the tunnel and unlock the second partner. Once he gets free they will have to pull the flag. The twist in this stunt is that the water will continuously flow in the tunnel.

This stunt will be done by Jasmin-Jay and Aly-Karan Patel.

Jasmin-Jay starts the stunt first. Jay is in the tunnel while Jasmin will unlock him. They tried the stunt but unfortunately gets failed to unlock the lock.

Aly-Karan Patel starts the stunt. KP is in the tunnel while Aly will unlock him. But unfortunately, Karan Patel aborts the stunt.

So result is clear Jasmin-Jay won and Aly-KP gets the fear fanda.

Now Rohit Shetty invites the another COVID warrior Vice President of Indian Medical Association. He explains how he fought in this pandemic.

Now it’s time for the third stunt which will be performed by safe contestants who don’t have fear fanda.

In this stunt, there is a hanging platform and both the partners are on it. One partner is hanging like a pendulum while another partner will push him to swing. The contestant who is swinging will grab the flags.

This stunt will be performed by Jay-Bharti and Jasmin-Karan Wahi.

Jay and Bharti starts the stunt first but unfortunately she aborted the stunt in between.

Karan Wahi-Jasmin starts the stunt and they succesfully completed the stunt.

So the result is very clear, Jasmin-Karan Wahi wins the stunt while Jay-Bharti gets the fear fanda.

Precap: All the fear fanda holders will fight to stay in this race and safe from the eliminations.

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