Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Written Update 30 September 2023: Ticket To Finale Begins – LIVE

Today’s new episode (30 September 2023) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK 13) starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming all the contestants in Ticket To Finale Week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE ✍🏼 while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

From last two weeks we are watching our khiladis are competing with the Challengers.

We saw Faisu and Divyanka Tripathi as the Challengers of the week.

Tonight we will see our remaining contestants will compete in all the stunts and at the end, a player who wins maximum stunt will perform the last stunt.

This last player will compete against Challenger Hina Khan to win the finale ticket.

Everybody is excited to win this ticket to become the first finalist of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2023.

Rohit Shetty also reveals there will be no elimination and no fear fanda this week.

Now its time for the first stunt of the day.

First Stunt of 30 September 2023

Dino-Arjit and Rashmeet-Nyra will do this stunt.

Stutnt: It is a head-on stunt were both the players will be hooked on a running truck. It is similarly like Tug of War. Both the opponent will have to get maximum flags and hook it to the given point of their side.

Dino vs Arjit begins. Arjit performed extremely well.

Now Rashmeet vs Nyra begins. Here Nyra performed well.

Result: Results are very clear. Arjit and Nyra won the stunt and gone one step ahead in race to finale. Nyra hooked 2 flags while Arjit hooked 11 flags.

Second Stunt of 30 September 2023

Now its time for the next stunt of the day.

Stunt: There is a hanging seesaw platform were the player will have to get flag from one side and hook it to the opposite point. Total time limit is 10 mins.

Archana, Shiv, and Aishwarya will do this stunt.

Archana starts the stunt. She performed okay with penalties.

Now Shiv starts it. He did okay but with penalties.

Aishwarya starts the stunt. She performed very well.

Result: Archana and Shiv transferred 2-2 flags but with penalties. While Aishwarya transferred 3 flags and won the stunt. She move ahead in the race to finale.

Third Stunt of 30 September 2023

Before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty and Aishwarya’s husband Neil plays prank with Aishwarya.

Now this stunt will be performed between last stunts best performers Arjit, Nyra and Aishwarya. The winner of this stunt will compete in final stunt to win Ticket to Finale along with a special super power..

Stunt: In this stunt there are total 8 keys and he/she will have to get those keys with iron rod. At the end, he/she will have to open total 4 locks with those keys. The twist here is player will get shock when rod touches the net.

Arjit starts stunt first. He managed to open 3 locks only.

Now Nyra starts it. She did okay.

Aishwarya starts the stunt. She successfully completed it.

Result: Result is very clear. Aishwarya won the stunt and reached to the final stunt to win Finale Ticket.

(episode ends…)

Precap: All the players competing against Challenger Hina Khan.

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