Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Written Update 2 September 2023: Teams Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (2 September 2023) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK 13) starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming all the contestants.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE ✍🏼 while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Last week Anjum Fakih got eliminated from the show and now we have top 9 remaining khiladis.

This week starts with the contestants enjoying in the Mushaira by saying Shayaris.

They all are teasing each other with their funny shayaris.

Later Rohit Shetty reveals this week as Teams Week.

Everyone is very much excited to perform stunts in this new week.

There will be 3 teams who will compete with eachother.

All the contestants write name of the player whom they want to make the captain.

Arjit, Dino and Rashmeet gets maximum votes and becomes the 3 captains.

Now it’s time to choose team members.

Arjit choose Sheezan and Soundous

Dino choose Shiv and Aishwarya

Rashmeet choose Archana and Nyra

At the end of each stunt, they will score some points. Finally the team members with least number of points will compete in the elimination stunt.

First Stunt of 2nd September 2023

Stunt: In this stunt all three teams will compete with each other. There is hanging platform where the team members will have to collect and transfer their respective coloured hashtags (#) in the pole. The twist here is they are not supposed to crawl on the platform and they can also push each other.

From Team Dino: Dino and Shiv, from Team Arjit: Sheezan and Soundous while from Team Rashmeet: Rashmeet and Archana will perform this stunt.

They all starts it. But unfortunately Archana was not ready to perform. Rashmeet and Archana disqualified.

Rohit Shetty is very much disappointed with all of them especially Archana. He takes class of everyone on why they mutually decided not to push eachother.

Result: Team Dino won 10 points, Team Rashmeet and Team Arjit 0 points.

Scoreboard: Team Dino: 10 Points, Team Arjit: 0 Points, Team Rashmeet: 0 Points

Second Stunt of 2nd September 2023

Now before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty asks questions to all the three captains about their team members.

Stunt: In this stunt one player from each team will wear a costume (aka blind gear) from which they can’t see. Once the stunt starts, these 3 players will have to pass thru a complex maze. The second partner from each team will guide their team member. While the third player of the team will be sitting were he/she will get shocks when first player touches the grills of the maze.

From Team Arjit: Arjit will wear the costume, Sheezan will guide and Soundous will get the shocks. From Team Dino: Shiv will wear the costume, Dino will guide and Aishwarya will bear the shocks. While from Team Rashmeet: Nyra will wear the costume, Rashmeet will guide and Archana will get the shocks.

They all starts the stunt. Except Team Rashmeet, both teams performed.

Result: At the end, Team Dino completed it first and scored 10 points. While Team Arjit and Team Rashmeet got 0 again.

Scoreboard: Team Dino: 20 Points, Team Arjit: 0 Points, Team Rashmeet: 0 Points

Third Stunt of 2nd September 2023

Now it’s time for the next stunt of the day.

Stunt: There are 3 boxes for all the three members of one team. Once the stunt starts, they will have to put their head in that box and transfer keys to his/her next partner. The last partner will take that keys and unlock all the four given locks. The twist here is that they will have to pass keys with the help of their mouth. There will be creepy crawlies in all the boxes.

Team Arjit starts it first. They successfully completes the stunt.

Now Team Rashmeet starts the stunt and completed it.

Team Dino starts it. They also completed it.

Results: Team Dino took 5 min 42 secs. Team Rashmeet took 5 mins 27 secs. While Team Arjit took 7 mins 32 secs.

So, Team Rashmeet win the task and scores 10 points.

Scoreboard: Team Dino: 20 Points, Team Arjit: 0 Points, Team Rashmeet: 10 Points

Episode ends…

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