Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Written Update 16 September 2023: The Challengers Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (16 September 2023) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK 13) starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming all the players in the new week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE ✍🏼 while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Everybody is very much excited to perform in the stunts of this week.

Rohit Shetty says they are in the 10th week of this season.

Later he asks everyone to rate four star players according to them.

According to all the players, Dino, Rashmeet, Arjit and Archana are the star players.

Star Players: Dino, Rashmeet, Arjit, and Archana.

Later Rohit Shetty reveals this week the fear fanda holders will compete in the challenge set by his 3 challengers. So, try that they not get the fear fanda.

These challengers are the top performers of their respective season’s.

At the end of final stunt, if fear fanda holders win then he/she will get safe but if challengers wins, then that losing contestant will get eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 2023.

Everybody gets shocked hearing this and they are very much nervous to see that three challengers.

These 3 challengers are Hina Khan, Divyanka Tripathi and Faisu (Faisal Shaikh).

First Stunt of 16th September 2023

Nyra and Aishwarya will do the first stunt of the day.

Stunt: In this stunt a player will be inside a cage. Once the stunt starts, she will have to start from beginning point to get a lemon 🍋 and return back to starting position. She will continue this, the time limit is 10 mins. The twist here is that there will be many pigs inside the cage with her and she will have to keep the lemon in her mouth.

Aishwarya starts it first. She performed well.

Now Nyra starts the stunt. She also did well.

Results: Aishwarya transferred 9 lemons while Nyra transferred 7. So, Aishwarya wins and Nyra gets fear fanda.

Rohit Shetty asks Aishwarya to shift herself to the star players row.

Star Players: Dino, Rashmeet, Arjit, Archana, and Aishwarya.

Second Stunt of 16th September 2023

Before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty plays a fun game with the contestants.

Stunt: It is a partner stunt where there are 2 buildings and player will have to cross it. The twist here is one player is hanging upside down with safety equipments. The other player will take support of him (by holding a rope given to him) and cross the building by walking on the rope. During this, he/she will have to take 5 flags that comes in his/her way.

Shiv-Arjit and Rashmeet-Archana will do this stunt.

Rashmeet and Archana starts it first. Archana is hanging while Rashmeet is walking on rope. They successfully completes the stunt.

Everyone is very much proud of them.

Now Arjit and Shiv starts the stunt. Shiv is hanging while Arjit is walking on rope. But unfortunately Arjit fall down.

Result: Rashmeet-Archana completed the stunt in 9 mins and Arjit-Shiv were not able to complete it. So, Arjit-Shiv gets fear fanda. With this, Arjit gets shifted to non-star players’ row.

Star Players: Dino, Rashmeet, Archana, and Aishwarya.

Third Stunt of 16th September 2023

Before the next stunt, Dino sings his own written rap.

Now its time for the next stunt which will be performed by Dino, Soundous and Sheezan.

Stunt: It is a water based stunt in which a player will be hanging upside down. Once the stunt starts, the player will be smashed in the pool of water. During this he/she will have to get flags from total 30 flags in given 10 mins time.

Sheezan starts it first. He performs well but aborts it after sometime.

Now Dino starts the stunt. He also aborts after sometime.

Soundous starts it. She successfully completed it.

Result: Dino took 16 flags, Sheezan took 19 flags while Soundous took 26 flags. So, Dino and Sheezan gets fear fanda and Dino gets shifted to non-star and Soundous to star performers’ row.

Star Players: Rashmeet, Archana, Aishwarya and Soundous.

Fourth Stunt of 16th September 2023

Now all the fear fanda holders i.e. Nyra, Shiv, Arjit, Dino and Sheezan will compete against the challengers.

Later Rohit Shetty reveals first challenger i.e. Faisu (Season 11 Finalist). Everybody is happy seeing him back.

Now its time for the first stunt against the challengers.

Stunt: There is unique car in which a player will be sitting on a seat. He/she will have to drive that car and collect the magnetic discs that come in his/her way. Time limit is 10 mins.

Faisu, Arjit and Shiv will do this stunt.

Faisu starts it first to set target for Arjit and Shiv. He sets benchmark by taking total 11 magnets.

Arjit and Shiv will have to get more than 11 discs to win this stunt.

Arjit starts the stunt. He performs okay as compare to Faisu.

Now Shiv starts it. (episode ends…) To Be Continued

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