Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Written Update 13 August 2023: Rohit Shetty vs Khiladis Continues – LIVE

Today’s new episode (13 August 2023) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK 13) starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming all the Khiladis.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE ✍🏼 while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Yesterday we saw first day stunts of Rohit Shetty vs Khiladis week.

At the end of first day, below was the scoreboard.

Scoreboard: Rohit Shetty 5 stars 🌟 and Khiladis 3 stars 🌟.

Now all the Khiladis have one last chance to win the last 3 stars.

At the end, if Khiladis have maximum stars 🌟 then there will be no elimination but if Challenger Rohit Shetty wins, then 1 contestant will get eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 2023.

First Stunt of 13 August 2023

Now the remaining three khiladis Dino, Aishwarya and Nyra will do this stunt to win all the three stars.

In this stunt there are three boxes and three phones. Once the stunt starts, player will have to find the code from the box which is filled with crabs, roaches and worms. And unlock the phone with the help of that code. They will have to unlock all the three phones. The twist here is the timing. It will be based on their own mobile phones. They will have to save it from being crushed to win the star🌟.

Nyra starts it first and successfully completed the stunt. She saved her mobile and won 1 star.

Now Dino starts the stunt. He also saved his phone and won another star.

Aishwarya starts the stunt. But unfortunately she didn’t completed the stunt and crushed her phone.

So the results were very clear.

Scoreboard: Rohit Shetty 6 stars 🌟 and Khiladis 5 stars 🌟. Rohit Shetty won the challenge.

As Rohit Shetty said, if he wins then there will be elimination.

Before the elimination stunts, Rohit Shetty asks all the winners of their tasks to go to Code Red.

Code Red

All the five winners (Nyra, Archana, Dino, Arjit and Rashmeet) attend Code Red were they got 3 option to win the Bonus star by doing the Bonus stunt.

Option 1: If they won, they can save everyone from elimination.

Option 2: If they lost, one from them will do elimination stunt.

Option 3: If they denies to do Bonus stunt, then they all five are safe.

They decide not to do the bonus stunt and choose 3rd option.

Now all the six losers of this week will do the next stunt.

But before this, Rohit Shetty gives another chance to save two more contestants from the next stunt by mutual decision.

They all decide to save Daisy and Soundous. So, the remaining four will do the stunt.

At the end of this stunt, the two worst performers will do the elimination stunt.

Second Stunt of 13 August 2023

This is a partner stunt in which both the players will have to drive a special car and hit the mannequins and reach to the starting position. The twist here is that their car should not hit cones and drums. If car hits, they will get penalty.

Sheezan, Shiv, Aishwarya and Anjum will do this stunt.

Shiv-Aishwarya and Sheezan-Anjum are the partners.

Shiv-Aishwarya starts first. They completed the stunt but hit many cones.

Sheezan-Anjum starts the stunt. They also did same.

Now it’s time for the results. Shiv-Aishwarya completed the stunt in 14 mins with penalty while Sheezan-Anjum completed it in 10 mins with penalty. Sheezan-Anjum wins the task.

So, Shiv and Aishwarya will do the elimination stunt.

Elimination Stunt of 13 August 2023

In this stunt there is a tunnel. Once the stunt starts he/she will have to open the door and enter inside. Inside the tunnel he/she will have to get 3 keys and open the door. In second compartment of the tunnel there will be snakes and iguanas. Lastly, he/she will have to enter in final compartment and gets keys to exit from tunnel. The twist here is that in first and last compartments he/she will get shock on touching keys.

Shiv starts it first and completed the stunt.

Aishwarya starts the stunt. She also completed it.

Now it’s time for the results. Shiv took 11min 46secs while Aishwarya took 10min 3secs.

So, Shiv gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 tonight.

But finally Rohit Shetty reveals there is no elimination this weekend. Shiv is safe.

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