Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Written Update 12 August 2023: Rohit Shetty vs Khiladis – LIVE

Today’s new episode (12 August 2023) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK 13) starts with Rohit Shetty introducing this new week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE ✍🏼 while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Before new week’s introduction, all the remaining contestants talks with Bigg Boss. Here Bigg Boss reveals that they all will have to compete with a Challenger this week.

This week is Rohit Shetty vs Khiladis week were all the remaining contestants will compete with the Challenger Rohit Shetty to win maximum stars 🌟 from the 11 available stars.

Everyone is shocked and stunned seeing Rohit Shetty as KKK 13 Challenger.

In the end, if Khiladis have maximum stars 🌟 then there will be no elimination but if Rohit Shetty wins, then 1 contestant will get eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 2023.

Before the stunts of this week, Rohit Shetty welcomes first wildcard entry of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13. She is none another then Anjum Fakih.

First Stunt of 12 August 2023

In first stunt, a player will have to collect flags from the ramp made of drums. Here Rohit Shetty will drive car and will hit those drums. The khiladis will have to collect total 7 flags to win the stars. Total two players will do this stunt.

These khiladis are Daisy and Sheezan.

Daisy is ready to perform and starts the stunt first. She performed well.

Now Sheezan starts the stunt. He was not upto the mark.

Now it’s time for the results. Sheezan got 4 flags while Daisy took 5 flags. So, Rohit Shetty wins and gets 2 stars 🌟 on his scoreboard.

Scoreboard: Rohit Shetty 2 stars 🌟 and Khiladis 0 stars 🌟.

Second Stunt of 12 August 2023

In this stunt there is a slide were both the partners will have to go from bottom to top. During this, thry will have to hook the flags to win stars. The target is total 6 flags from the given 10 flags and both the two teams will have to reach the target to win total 4 stars 🌟.

Archana-Arjit and Rashmeet-Shiv will do this partner stunt.

Rashmeet and Shiv starts first. They performed well and managed to collect total 8 flags. The hero of this stunt is Rashmeet.

Archana and Arjit starts the stunt. They also performed well.

Now its time for the results. Rashmeet alone got 8 flags while Archana-Arjit got 6 flags.

So, Khiladis won total 3 stars and Rohit Shetty won 1 star.

Scoreboard: Rohit Shetty 3 stars and Khiladis 3 stars.

Third Stunt of 12 August 2023

In this stunt, there is a rolling cylindrical platform. Once the stunt starts, the contestant will have to go from one end to other and transfer 7 flags from total 10 flags to win the star.

Anjum and Soundous will do this stunt.

Soundous starts first and not performed very well.

Anjum starts the stunt and fell down.

So result is very clear. Soundous got 5 flags and Anjum got 0. So, Rohit Shetty won and received 2 more stars.

Scoreboard: Rohit Shetty 5 stars and Khiladis 3 stars.

Precap: All the contestants doing stunts in which thry are getting shocks. Let’s see who wons and who gets eliminated.

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