Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Written Update 7 August 2022: Teams Week Continues – LIVE

Today’s new episode (7 August 2022) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12) starts with Rohit Shetty recalling this week as Teams Week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it ✍️.

Yellow Team: Tushar (captain), Nishant, Chetna, Rajiv and Sriti

Red Team: Mohit (captain), Rubina, Jannat, Faisal and Kanika

Yesterday we saw Team Yellow vs Team Red. They performed all the stunts to win more points.

At the end of the day, scores were Team Tushar: 20 points Team Mohit: 20 points

Today both these teams will give their 100% to win maximum points to get safe from elimination stunt.

The losing team members will face the elimination stunt and from them, one contestant will get eliminated from KKK12.

Now before the first stunt, Rajiv Adatia reads his funny letter.

First Stunt of 7th August 2022

In this stunt there will be 3-3 contestants from each team.

In this stunt, there is hanging asterisk platform on water. Once the stunt starts, one contestant will jump from one beam to the other and complete the entire circle. They will have to collect total 3 flags. While the opposite team members will try distract and hit the performing players with water spray.

From team Mohit: Mohit, Kanika and Faisu will do this stunt while from team Tushar: Tushar, Sriti and Chetna will perform.

Mohit, Kanika and Faisu starts first but unfortunately they were not able to get single stunt.

Tushar, Sriti and Chetna starts the stunt and they managed to get 1 flag.

So, team Tushar wins this and gets 10 more points.

Team Tushar: 30 points Team Mohit: 20 points

Second Stunt of 7th August 2022

This is a partner stunt in which there is a tunnel. Both the partners will be at the either sides of the tunnel. Once the stunt starts, one partner will get the key and transfer it to the other partner. The next partner will open 3 locks with the help of the keys. The twist here is that they will have to transfer keys with their mouth and there will be various animals and creepy-crawlies in the tunnel.

This stunt will be performed by Rubina-Jannat from team Mohit and Rajiv-Sriti from team Tushar.

Rubina and Jannat starts the stunt first. Jannat will be finding keys while Rubina will be opening locks. They performed well.

Rajiv and Sriti starts the stunt. Sriti will be finding keys and Rajiv will open locks. But before starting it, Rajiv aborted the stunt.

So, results is very clear. Team Mohit wins and get 10 more points.

Team Tushar: 30 points Team Mohit: 30 points

Elimination Stunt of 7th August 2022

As both the teams are on equal scores, now Rohit Shetty asks both the captains to nominate 1-1 contestants for the elimination stunt.

Tushar nominates Chetna and Mohit nominates Rubina for the elimination stunt. But here, Rubina is shocked on hearing her name.

This is a underwater stunt in which the contestant will have to go inside the container. As he/she enters in, the container will start rotating. During the stunt, contestant will have to get and hook 10 flags.

Rubina will perform first followed by Chetna.

Rubina starts the stunt and successfully completes it by collecting all 10 flags.

Now Chetna starts the stunt but unfortunately after collecting 6 flags she aborted the stunt.

So, result is very clear. Rubina win while Chetna gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 2022.

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  1. Please keep khatron ke khilaadi as KKK don’t make Bigg bossss. Everyone is fighting arguing amongst each other. Rubina is causing the fights.

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