Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Written Update 20 August 2022: Mummy Special Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (20 August 2022) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12) starts with Rohit Shetty introducing this new week as Mummy Special Week.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it ✍️.

Last week, Kanika Mann won the K medal and has a power to skip any stunt even if it is an elimination stunt.

Now this week all the contestants will be participating in very difficult stunts.

Rohit Shetty will make each of them screaming and remembering their mother’s during stunts in this entire week.

Later on, Rohit Shetty shows contestants mother’s video message to them wishing them good luck.

They all are very interested for performing in this week’s stunts.

First Stunt of 20th August 2022

Now it’s time for the first stunt which is a partner stunt.

In this stunt, both the partners will be on a platform (thrust) which are on a running truck. They both will have to coordinate and collect maximum flags before the truck reaches the finish line.

Kanika-Rajiv, Jannat-Faisu and Mohit-Pratik will do this stunt in same order.

Kanika and Rajiv starts first and were able to hook some flags.

Now Jannat and Faisu start the stunt and performed very well.

Mohit and Pratik start the stunt but Pratik feels frightened. They failed to collect a single flag.

Now it’s time for the results. Kanika-Rajiv took 2 flags, Mohit-Pratik took 0 while Jannat-Faisu got 9 flags and won the stunt.

Kanika, Rajiv, Pratik and Mohit gets fear fanda.

Second Stunt of 20th August 2022

This is also a partner stunt which will be performed by Tushar-Rubina and Sriti-Nishant.

In this stunt, one partner will be inside a box which has marbles. While the other partner is outside were he/she will collect the marble with his mouth and deposit it to the another box. This partner will continue depositing the marbles unless he gets the key. Once he/she gets the key, this partner will handover the key to first partner where he/she will unlock all 4 locks. The twist here is there will be roaches inside the box.

Nishant-Sriti starts first and successfully completes it.

Rubina-Tushar start the stunt and completed it successfully.

Now it’s time for the results. Nishant-Sriti took 4 min 27 sec while Tushar-Rubina took 3 min 18 sec. So, Nishant and Sriti gets fear fanda.

Third Stunt of 20th August 2022

Now it’s time for the next stunt which will be performed by fear fanda holders. Some of them will get a chance to get relief from fear fanda.

In this stunt the contestant will be inside a tunnel. Once the stunt starts, water and wind will start flowing with full force. He/she will have to go ahead and collect and hook maximum flags. The twist here is tunnel will gradually tilt towards upside.

This stunt will be performed by Mohit and Pratik in same order.

Mohit starts first and performed well in the stunt.

Pratik start the stunt and was able to collect some flags.

Now it’s time for the results. Pratik got 7 flags in 2 min 25 sec while Mohit hooked 7 flags in 3 min 27 sec.

So, Pratik won the stunt and gets relief from fear fanda.

(episode ends…)

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  1. This show is badly rigged like all other reality shows. I wish they can not come back to South Africa next time. If you want to make fools of your citizens then please do it in your own country not ours. This is a disrespect for humanity not a reality show. How can you constantly make fools of a nation and then you call it entertainment. My word . Like I said a disgrace to humanity

  2. Mujhe toh esa lag raha hai aaj Jannat is show ko chor kar chali jaaegi 😕 lekin ham jannat ke liye dua karenge 🤲🏻.
    Aaj jannat eliminate nahi hogi I’m 100% sure 😊.

  3. Ye duniya ko bewkuf bnate h mehnat or stunts sbse krwate h lekin winner unko bnate h sirf jo colour channel ke populer actor hote h hr season me yhi hota h isme v last me rubina ko bna denge winner timing v apne mn se uski km btate h taki duniya ko lge usne apni mehnat pe stunts kiya h kehne ko reality show h but real kuch v ni😡😡😡 colour ke dono show me yhi hota h chahe big boss ho ya khatron ke lga dena chahiye isme

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