Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Written Update 16 July 2022: Atyachaar Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (16 July 2022) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12) starts with Rohit Shetty introducing the third week as Atyachaar Week.

Note: We wrote this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it ✍️.

Everybody got shocked seeing the team during early morning for this weeks stunts.

All the khiladis are afraid hearing this week as atyachar week.

Rohit Shetty also reveals that the torture will be at the beginning as well as after stunts.

All the contestants will have to stay outside at the stunt location.

They all will have to compete for their day-to-day living items as well as without their mobile phones.

First Stunt of 16th July 2022

Now it’s time for the first stunt of Atyachaar Week. This stunt will be performed by all the contestants.

In this stunt all the contestants will be hanged upside down with their feet tied with the platform. The last 3 remaining contestants will win the stunt.

Once the stunt start all the contestants will be dipped into the water.

All the contestants starts performing the stunt.

Sriti gets out (aborted) first followed by Pratik, Kanika, and Rubina. Later on, Tushar, Mohit nd Faisu aborts the stunt.

At the end, Shivangi, Jannat and Chetna were the top 3 remaining contestants who won this stunt.

Second Stunt of 16th July 2022

The 3 winners Shivangi, Jannat and Chetna will do the next stunt in the same order. The winners will get relief from this week’s torture and will get all the luxury while the loser will get fear fandas.

In this stunt, the contestant will have to find the pattern lock from the boxes which contains Cockroaches, Worms and Crabs. He/she will have to find and remember the pattern lock to open the lock of mobile. There will be total 3 mobile phones in this task. After first phone, he/she will have to unlock next two phone faster to save their mobile phone from going inside a shredder. Their stunt gets over if the phone gets shredded.

Shivangi starts the stunt first and after some time her mobile phone gets into shredder and stunts gets over.

Now Jannat starts the stunt. She almost completed the stunt but unfortunately her mobile also gets shredded.

Chetna starts the stunt but unfortunately she was not able to complete the stunt.

Now it’s time for the results, Jannat opened 2 locks while Chetna and Shivangi opened 1-1 lock. So, Chetna-Shivangi received the fear fanda.

Jannat got the access to luxury tent while Chetna-Shivangi are still in the Atyachaari tents with remaining contestants.

Third Stunt of 16th July 2022

Now it’s time for the third stunt of the day. This will be performed by remaining contestants.

In this stunt, all the contestants will have to eat the given 2kg food in 15 minutes. At the end, the contestants who eat maximum food will do the next stunt.

A contestant who don’t want to appear in this stunt will be directly sent to the elimination stunt.

All the contestants starts the stunt first except Faisu. They enjoyed the given food.

Faisu directly gets fear fanda. Talking about the results, the top 3 were Tushar (700 gm), Rubina (560 gm) and Pratik (500 gm).

Fourth Stunt of 16th July 2022

Now this stunt will be performed by Tushar, Rubina and Pratik.

This is a partner stunt were these 3 will choose their partners. In this stunt, both the partners will be tied with a bungee rope. Once the stunt starts, they both will try to get the keys and unlock their locks (3-3 locks at both the sides). After opening all the locks, they both will have to cut the bungee rope. The twist here is that they will get the current on touching keys, locks and the net.

The top 2 will get the luxury while 1 will get fear fanda.

Tushar choose Mohit, Rubina select Nishant while Pratik choose Rajiv as their partners.

Tushar will do first followed by Rubina and Pratik.

Tushar and Mohit starts first and successfully completes the stunt.

Rubina and Nishant starts the stunt and completed it with much fun.

Now Pratik and Rajiv starts the stunt. But after much time, Rohit Shetty aborts it.

Now it’s time for the results, Rubina-Nishant took 19 mins 41 secs, Tushar-Mohit took 26 mins 40 secs while Pratik-Rajiv ended the stunt after 28 mins.

So, Pratik-Rajiv gets fear fanda while Tushar, Mohit, Rubina and Nishant gets luxury tent access (episode ends…)

Precap: All the fear fanda holders will do the next atyachaari stunt to get relief from fear fanda followed by the elimination stunt.

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