Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Written Update 14 August 2022: K-medal race continues – LIVE

Today’s new episode (14 August 2022) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12) starts with Rohit Shetty recalling this week as a race to win K medal.

Note: We wrote this article LIVE while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it ✍️.

Yesterday we saw Tushar, Sriti, Nishant and Mohit won the Power Lockets 🏅.

They all got one step ahead to win the K-medal.

The advantage of K medal is that the winner of this medal can use it to skip any stunt even if it is a elimination stunt. But he/she can redeem it once.

While the power of the Power Lockets 🏅 will be revealed today.

All the 4 contestants will compete in another stunt to win the special K medal.

They are very much interested to win this medal and it’s special power.

Now before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty reveals that yesterday’s losers will get another chance to join the race. He asks all the Power Locket holders to give their locket and take name of 1 contestant from yesterday’s losers.

All these players will be eliminated from the race to win K medal.

Nishant takes Faisu’s name, Mohit takes Jannat’s name, Sriti nominates Pratik, Tushar eliminates Rubina. So, Kanika and Rajiv gets another chance.

Tushar, Sriti, Mohit, Nishant, Kanika, Rajiv are in this race.

First Stunt of 14th August 2022

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the day. In this stunt the contestant will have to move from one truck 🚛 to the other, walking on the rope. On their way there are 3 yellow and 2 red flags. He/she will have to just hook red flags. The twist here is that both the trucks are running at a stable speed and flags are on the rope. They will have to complete the stunt before truck reaches the finish line.

Mohit and Tushar will do this stunt.

Tushar starts first but he was not able to collect any flag.

Mohit starts the stunt and successfully completes it.

So, result is very clear. Mohit enters in the final stunt to win K-medal.

Second Stunt of 14th August 2022

This is a partner stunt in which both the partners will have to make lemon-chilli totka/nazar battu/evil eye warder. One partner will be inside a box while the other partner is outside a box. First partner has lemons while the other has chillies. Once the stunt starts, second partner with chillies will give these to the first partner. They will have to make 2 nos. of lemon-chilli totkas. The twist here is that there will be Snakes, Iguanas and Scorpions in that box and contestant will have to get chillies with his mouth without using hands.

Nishant-Kanika and Rajiv-Sriti will perform this stunt.

Rajiv and Sriti starts it first and performed very well.

Now Kanika and Nishant starts the stunt and successfully completes it.

It’s time for the results. Rajiv-Sriti took 20 mins to complete it while Nishant-Kanika took 14 mins.

So, Nishant and Kanika enters in the final stunt of K-medal with Mohit.

K-medal Stunt of 14th August 2022

This is a dynamic stunt in which a contestant will have to drive car 🚗 in the given lanes. He/she will have to follow the shown instructions (Reverse or Forward) and hit all 3 poles. The twist here is they should not touch the cones. If car touches the cone, he/she will be given a penalty of 10 secs.

Nishant, Kanika and Mohit will perform in this final stunt to win the ‘K’ medal.

Mohit starts the stunt first and successfully completes it.

Now Kanika starts it and performed very well in the stunt.

Nishant starts the stunt and enjoys it to the fullest hitting maximum cones to complete the stunt.

Now it’s time for the results. Mohit took 7 mins 16 secs and hit 8 cones i.e. 8 mins 36 secs, Kanika hit 11 cones and took 5 mins 8 secs.

So, the winner of K-medal is Kanika.

(episode ends…)

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