Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 8 August 2021: Teams Week Continues – LIVE

Today’s new episode (8 August 2021) of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts a funny Tug lf War between Team Rahul and Team Shweta.

Note: We wrote this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it.

Later Rohit Shetty reminds the scores of both the teams:

Team Rahul: 20 Points

Team Shweta: 10 Points

Later both the team members creates a trending reel ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hain…

Everybody is in really good mood to win this tes week and stay safe from today’s eliminations.

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the day.

First Stunt of 8th August 2021

A contestant will be on a hanging platform. He/she will be standing on a rotating ramp and as the stunt starts he/she will have jump to the next platform to collect the flags and hook them at the starting point. In total their are 10 flags. The twist in this stunt is that as the stunt proceed, the rotation speed will increase gradually.

From team Shweta Divyanka and from team Rahul Vishal will do this stunt.

Vishal starts the stunt first and performed it well.

Now Divyanka starts the stunt and she tried to perform it well but failed.

So the result is very clear. Vishal got 9 flags while Divyanka got 0 flags. Team Rahul won.

Team Rahul: 30 Points

Team Shweta: 10 Points

Second Stunt of 8th August 2021

Now before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty plays a prank on crew member with help of Arjun Bijlani and Shweta Tiwari.

Now it’s time for the second stunt of the day. The twist in this stunt is that the winning team will not get 10 but 30 points.

It is a partner stunt where 1 contestant will be lying in a container and while the other partner will be outside. Once the stunt starts the partner who is outside will pull that container. Later on, he/she will have to find code from the box. Then he will add this code to the device. The twist in this stunt is that when a partner enters a correct code in the device, the insects/creatures inside it will be added to the lying partner’s container.

Rahul-Varun and Shweta-Abhinav will do this stunt.

Abhinav-Shweta will do the stunt first. Shweta lying in the box while Abhinav will find the codes. They start the stunt and successfully completes it.

Now Rahul-Varun will do the stunt. Rahul will be lying in the container while Varun will find the codes. They starts the stunt and completed it well.

Now it’s time for the result, Shweta-Abhinav completed it in 4 mins 2 secs while Rahul-Varun took 2 min 30 secs. So, this time also, team Rahul won. All the members of team Rahul are safe while team Shweta goes in the elimination.

Team Rahul: 60 Points

Team Shweta: 10 Points

Now Rohit Shetty asks Shweta to nominate 2 contestants for the elimination stunt. She is very confused and gets angry after constant blame from team Rahul.

Elimination Stunt of 8th August 2021

Later Shweta nominates Abhinav and Aastha for the elimination stunt.

It is an underwater stunt where the contestant will have to go underwater and eat Jalebi from the 3 containers that are on the 3 tables. The twist is that there are baby crocodiles under the tables.

Abhinav starts the stunt and successfully completes it.

Now Astha starts the stunt but the problem is that she don’t know swimming. Still she tries the stunt and after sometime she aborts it.

Result is very clear. Abhinav won while Astha Gill gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. (episode ends)

5 Replies to “Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 8 August 2021: Teams Week Continues – LIVE”

  1. According to me Vishal bhai was correct as Shweta made mistakes while choosing team. She had a chance of making better team by winning toss but to do something extraordinary she failed
    Rahul team was filled with 3 strong winning contender and Shweta team was filled with only 1 surpringly strong (divyanka Tripathi) package of KKK season 11 as Abhinav hasn’t yet performed and sana performed in 1 task only

  2. Sir bring Sourabh bhai back in kkk 11
    Sir please

    Nikki Tamboli aborted many stunts then also she is there
    Sir she can’t perform any stunt but she was talking very much

    Sir please bring back Sourabh bhai in kkk 11
    Please sir

    Pratyush Mishra

  3. Nikki ko nikalo bahar usne to fir se koi bhi stunt nhi kiya. Astha ne stunt shuru to kiya, lekin nikki to shuru hi nhi karti. Nikki jab se aayi h tab se ek hi stunt kiya h. Aur na nikki ko bolne ki tameez h. Pehle to nikki ko bahar nikalo. Ya fir show hi band kar do. Aur ye show ka naam DAR SE DARE H. Na ki main nhi kar sakti jo ki hmesha nikki karti h. Bahar nikalo nikki ko.

    • Nikki tamboli nids to learn manners n how to respect her seniors first..worst contestant ever in KKK…plz get rid of her asap..Arjun was my fav…bt he made a wrong choice of choosing Saurabh for elimination stunt whereas he deserved to stay n Nikki to go…

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