Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 7 August 2021: Teams Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (7 August 2021) of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts with Rohit Shetty’s entry announcing this new week as Teams Week.

Note: We have added this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it.

All the contestants seems ready for the teams challenge.

They are seen playing rugby on the ground and meanwhile Rohit Shetty explains how team work is important.

Contestants gets shocked hearing this week is teams week and every contestant will have to play for thier team and give their best.

The advantage of team challenge is that if the team wins then everybody of that team gets safe but at the same time if any 1 member failed to give their best then all the members of that teams goes in the danger zone.

Later on, Rohit Shetty announces Shweta and Rahul Vaidya as the captain of the team challenge.

He asks both the captain to choose their team members.

Team Rahul: Vishal, Arjun, Varun, Mahek, and Nikki

Team Shweta: Divyanka, Aastha, Abhinav, Sana, and Anushka

At the end of every stunt, the winning team will get 10 points while the losing team gets 0. At the end of all the stunts, the members of the team with lowest score will directly goes to the elimination.

First Stunt of 7th August 2021

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the week.

Each team will send 4 players in this stunt. These 4 players will be on a hanging platform. 1 player will start walking on platform from one end to the other. The 4 members of other team will be on hanging drums. Once the opposition player start walking, the players in drum will unlock the drum and try to hit the walking contestant. Team members will try to throw him down from the platform. If the walking player reaches to the end point, then he/she will have to collect the flag of his/her name. At the end, that player will jump in the water. The team with maximum flags will win this stunt.

Rahul sends Varun, Vishal, Arjun and himself. While Shweta choose herself, Abhinav, Aastha, and Divyanka to perform this stunt.

Members of team Shweta starts the stunt to collect the flags. Aastha, Divyanka, and Abhinav gets their flags while Shweta missed it.

Now Rahul and his team starts the stunt. Rahul, Varun, and Vishal got flags while Arjun missed it.

Team Shweta took 12 mins 41 secs while team Rahul took 7 min 6 secs. So, team Rahul wins and they got 10 points.

Team Rahul: 10 Points

Team Shweta: 0 Points

Second Stunt of 7th August 2021

Now it’s time for the second stunt of the day.

2 players will do this car stunt. 1 player will be on a driving seat while another will be on the car who has control of the car. A player sitting in the car will have a rod with that he/she will hit the yellow targets on the road. The driver will have to stay safe from the obstacles.

From team Shweta the remaining contestants Sana and Anushka starts the stunt first. Sana drives the car while Anushka hits the targets.

Now members of team Rahul i.e. Mahek and Nikki starts the stunt. Nikki hita the targets while Mahek drives the car.

Team Shweta hit 10 flags while team Rahul hit 15 targets. So, the winner is once again team Rahul.

Team Rahul: 20 Points

Team Shweta: 0 Points

Third Stunt of 7th August 2021

But before the stunt, team members from both the teams has a fun time. Rohit Shetty also plays a fun game with Shweta and Divyanka.

Now it’s time for the third stunt.

A player will be locked and his/her both the sides there are 5-5 boxes. He/she will have to open the box to get the key and open the locked box of the other side. He/she will get a disc from that box. At the end, he/she will get the last key to unlock his/her legs. The twist in this stunt is that there will be different-different creatures in the boxes.

From team Rahul, Nikki will do this stunt and from team Shweta, Anushka will do the stunt.

Nikki starts the stunt first but unfortunately she aborts the stunt. Rohit, Vishal, and Rahul tried to motivate her but she denied to continue the stunt.

Now Anushka starts the stunt and successfully completes the stunt with bravery.

So, the result is very clear, team Shweta won while team Rahul lost.

Rohit, Rahul and others take class of Nikki for aborting the stunt even after motivating her. Rohit says it is disrespectful towards the show. (episode ends)

Team Rahul: 20 Points

Team Shweta: 10 Points

Precap: Teams Week continues where all the members doing stunt to stay safe from eliminations.

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  1. This season is the sourabh jain is evicted instead of him, Nikki tamboli should be out…and because of wrong decision of Arjun Biljani, ones effort is neglected

  2. This show holds a Player like Nikki who is used to abort the show and eliminates Players like Sourabh Raj Jain who performed all stunts and but still got eliminated only because the game did not suit him

  3. BS Gautham fear factor khatron ke Khiladi 11 season
    Akshay Kumar priyanka chopra Arjun Kapoor John Abraham

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