Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 5 September 2021: Who won Ticket to Finale – LIVE

Today’s new episode (5th September 2021) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts with race to win Ticket to Finale.

Note: We have added this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Rohit Shetty recalls yesterday’s stunts and from them Sana and Shweta got out from the race to win this finale ticket.

Later it is shown that the 6 contestants who are still in this race are Vishal, Divyanka, Abhinav, Arjun, Varun, and Rahul.

Now to win this ticket each and every contestant will have to be limitless and give 100% in today’s stunts.

At the end, only one contestant will become the winner of Ticket to Finale of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2021.

Later on, Rohit Shetty asks all the contestants that who is the fattu of this season. Arjun and Vishal clashes with each other.

First Stunt of Ticket to Finale

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the race to win Ticket to Finale.

Only winners of this stunt will move forward in this race.

Stunt: It is a partner stunt where 1 partner will be hanging on a crane. while the other partner is in the cannon. Once the stunt starts, he/she will have to jump in the water. Later he/she will have to swim to the ladder and then light-up the flare. Later he/she will have to light the cannon. As soon as it is done, the other partner will get ejected from that cannon. At the end, this partner will swim to the end point and press the switch which will light the smoke bomb.

Varun-Rahul, Divyanka-Abhinav, and Vishal-Arjun are the partners. They will do the stunt in same order.

Varun-Rahul starts the stunt first. Varun is on crane while Rahul is in the cannon. They completed the stunt.

Divyanka-Abhinav starts the stunt. Abhinav is in crane while Divyanka in cannon. They also completed it well.

Vishal-Arjun starts the stunt. Arjun on crane while Vishal in cannon. They also managed to complete the stunt.

Now it is results time. Vishal-Arjun took 1 min 43 secs, Varun-Rahul took 1 min 30 secs while Divyanka-Abhinav took 1 min 9 secs.

So, Vishal-Arjun is out from this race while Varun, Rahul, Divyank, and Abhinav move forward to the next stunt.

Second Stunt of Ticket to Finale

Now it’s time for the next stunt to win TTF.

It is also a partner stunt where Divyanka-Rahul and Varun-Abhinav are the partners.

Stunt: One partner is in a car but the steering is locked. The other partner will have to get the key from truck to open that lock. As soon as the car starts, a truck containing all the flags will also start. These partners will have to drive the car near to that truck and collect all the 20 flags from both the sides. The twist here is that if the car gets flipped then the stunt will get over. Along with this, they will have to get all the flags before the truck reaches the end point.

Rahul-Divyanka starts the stunt. Rahul is driving the car while Divyanka guides him. This jodi was performing well but after sometime the car gets flipped and stunt gets over.

Abhinav-Varun starts the stunt. Abhinav is driving while Varun guides him. They failed to get all the flags as the truck reached to the end point.

Now it is the results time. Rahul-Divyanka got 13 flags while Varun-Abhinav got 10 flags. So, it is very clear, Rahul-Divyanka won while Varun-Abhinav are out of the race to win the ticket to finale.

Final Stunt of Ticket to Finale

In this stunt Rahul and Divyanka will be head-to-head. A limitless performer will become the winner of Maruti Suzuki Swift Ticket to Finale.

Stunt: Both the contestants will be on a hanging bus. Once the stunt starts, they both will have to come down thru ladder. As they reaches there, they will have to get the hanging dummies and put them near the car. At the they will have to open car dicky and get the handle of detonator to fire it. The contestant who fires the detonator first will win this stunt and the ticket to finale.

Rahul and Divyanka starts this head-on stunt and at the end, Divyanka manages to complete the stunt first.

With this, Divyanka becomes the winner of Ticket to Finale of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2021.

Later on, Rohit Shetty starts semi-finale week and reveals that there will be double elimination. He explains the first stunt of semi-finale which will be performed by Sana, Vishal, and Arjun.

It is an underwater stunt where a contestant will have to go inside a tunnel which is under water. He/she will have to cut all the fence with the cutter and come out from the end point. Vishal start the stunt (episode ends…)

Precap: All the remaining 7 contestants doing stunts in the semi-finale week of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

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  1. Divyanka is to much power … previous KKK season Teju is d real winner unfortunately she is injure at time of stunt nobody help to teju becz she is strong contestant .so it’s time to divyanka ma’am lift d trophy becz she is most deserving contestant in this season

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