Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 4 September 2021: Ticket to Finale Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (4th September 2021) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming all the contestants in this new week.

Note: We have added this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Later Rohit Shetty declares this week as Ticket to Finale week.

He also warns that to grab this shortcut to finale is not that easy.

To win this, there will be a race to Ticket to Finale and only 6 will perform not 8.

With this he also reveals that this week there will be no elimination.

Now it’s time to decide who are the 6 contestants who will compete for Ticket To Finale.

First Stunt of 4th September 2021

Before this decider stunt, Rohit Shetty gives a fun game to all the contestants.

Now it’s time for the first stunt of this week which will be a dynamic stunt.

Stunt: A contestant will be lying on a catapult (aka Human Slingshot) and once the stunt starts, he/she will be thrown to the hanging net. As soon as he/she grabs the net, he/she will have to get-and-hook all the 7 flags from the net.

This stunt will be Vishal v/s Rahul and Divyanka v/s Sana.

Vishal and Rahul starts the stunt first and performed it well.

Now Divyanka and Sana starts the stunt. They also performed it well.

The result is Vishal and Divyanka got more flags and move ahead in the race to win Ticket to Finale. While Sana and Rahul will get another chance to re-enter in this race.

Second Stunt of 4th September 2021

Before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty plays a fun game with Shweta Tiwari.

Now it’s time for the second head-on stunt of the day which will be performed by Arjun, Abhinav, Shweta, and Varun.

Stunt: It is an underwater stunt where both the contestants will be inside a container and their legs will be locked with weights. Once the stunt starts, they both will be dropped in the pool of water with this weight. At first they will have to open the locks and later get all the flags from water. At the end, the contestant will have to swim to the end point and rang the bell.

This head-on stunt is between Varun v/s Abhinav and Arjun v/s Shweta.

Varun and Abhinav starts the stunt first but unfortunately they both aborts the stunt.

Here Rohit Shetty gives another chance to both of them but they are not ready to do this stunt once again.

After some time, they both are ready to do the stunt.

Varun-Abhinav starts once again. Varun aborts the stunt while Abhinav completes it very well.

Now Arjun and Shweta starts the stunt. Shweta aborts the stunt while Arjun completes it well.

Result is very clear. Arjun and Abhinav joins Vishal-Divyanka in race to Ticket to Finale.

While Varun and Shweta joins Sana-Rahul in the final head-on stunt.

Third Stunt of 4th September 2021

Now it’s time for the last head-on stunt of the day.

This head-to-head limitless stunt will be performed by Rahul, Sana, Varun, and Shweta.

Only 2 from them will join the race to Ticket to Finale.

It is a partner stunt for which Rahul-Varun and Shweta-Sana are the partners.

Stunt: Both the partners will be outside a cage pf crocodiles. Once the stunt starts, one partner will go inside a cage and get 5 yellow flags from crocodiles. After that, another partner will go inside and get the remaining 5 yellow flags. At last, they will have to transfer a crocodile with red flag in another cage.

Now before the stunt, Rohit Shetty gives a small advantage task for team Shweta and team Rahul to eat maximum chillies. A contestant from the team who eats maximum chillies will get an advantage of 1 min. They will get 1 more minute to complete the stunt.

Shweta and Rahul starts the stunt and from them Shweta became the winner and gets an advantage.

Shweta-Sana starts stunt first. Sana goes inside a cage. After 5 flags, Shweta enters in the cage. They finally completed the stunt.

Now Rahul-Varun starts the stunt. Rahul enters in the cage and later on Varun goes inside the cage. They also completed it well.

Now it is the results time, Shweta-Sana completed the stunt in 7 mins 43 secs. While Varun-Rahul completed it in 7 mins 35 secs. So, Varun-Rahul won by 8 secs and rejoined the race to win Ticket to Finale.

The contestants in race to win Ticket to Finale are Vishal, Divyanka, Abhinav, Arjun, Varun, and Rahul.

Precap: The 6 contestants doing the stunts to win the ticket to finale of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11.

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    • Me too. Vishal deserves to win.
      This show is not like it used to be before. It has too much silly comic side shows which are silly. I’m surprised that Rohit Shetty allows this kind of silly gimmicks in a show that’s supposed to be tough and daring.

  1. My four are if there is vs in divyansh and VARUN so divyansh visual and Rahul both abhinav and arjun also all are my in 6th VARUN 5th 4th 3rd can’t say second divyansh first also can’t say

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