Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 24 July 2021: Race to win K Medal begins

Today’s new episode (24 July 2021) of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11 (KKK 11) starts with Rohit Shetty introducing new K medal for the very first time.

Note: We wrote this article live while watching this episode. Enjoy reading.

Everyone gets stunned seeing this K medal🏅and are curious to know about the advantage of this medal.

Rohit reveals that this week he is not looking for the weak contestant but the strongest contestant.

The contestant who will perform good will receive this K medal at the end of this week. But after each stunt, only best performer will move forward in this race to win K medal.

Now it’s time to see the power of K, the advantage of K medal is that the winner of this medal can use it to skip any stunt even if it is a elimination stunt. But he/she can redeem it once.

Everybody is very happy and shocked on hearing this.

First Stunt of 24th July 2021

Now it’s time for the stunt – a race to win the K medal. Everybody gets shocked seeing Lion in this stunt.

A contestant will be in a cage and there are 2 rods. He/she will have to use this rod and get all the magnetic discs which are outside the cage. He/she will use it to get them and stick them on the given place in the cage. The twist in this stunt is that 5-6 lions will be present outside the cage. So he/she will have stay aware and complete the stunt.

This stunt will be performed by Aastha and Rahul Vaidya. The order will be same.

Aastha starts the stunt first and performs it well.

Now it is Rahul’s turn. He also starts the stunt and performed it well.

Rahul got 6 discs while Aastha took 7 discs. So, Aastha got a winner locket.

At the end, all the locket winners will compete to win the K medal.

Before the next stunt, Gyanchand Baba shares his awesome knowledge. It was followed by Arjun’s comic act.

Second Stunt of 24th July 2021

Now it’s time for the 2nd stunt of this new week.

A contestant will be sitting inside a room. As soon as the stunt starts he will have to find the bag and come out of the room and climb up to the roof. There he will use the tools which are inside the bag to open the box available on the roof. To end this stunt, he will have to pull the lever to detach the car. Here the twist is that the contestant will be inside a moving room (caravan) which is attached with Rohit Shetty’s car and the contestant will have to complete the stunt before the car reaches to the finish line.

Abhinav, Varun and Arjun will do this stunt.

Varun starts the stunt first but unfortunately he was not able to open the box to end the stunt.

Now Abhinav starts the stunt and successfully completes the stunt.

Arjun Bijlani starts the stunt and successfully ends the stunt.

Now it is the result time, Arjun took 1 min 53 secs while Abhinav took 1 min 54 secs. So, Arjun got the winner locket and joins Astha in K-medal race.

Third Stunt of 24th July 2021

Now it’s time for the 3rd stunt of the day. Everybody gets stunned seeing hanging platform and cars on it.

But before this, Rohit Shetty plays a fun game with Divyanka Tripathi.

Now it is the time for the stunt.

This is a head-on stunt where 1 player will be standing near red car while another player will be near yellow car. Once the stunt starts, they will have to jump on the car and come to the bonnet to get the flag and transfer it to the starting point. Then he/she will jump onto the next car and continue to transfer the flags. At the end, he/she will have to pull the last hanging flag and jump in the water.

This head-on stunt will be done by Saurabh-Mahek and Shweta-Anushka. The order will be same.

Saurabh and Mahek starts this head-to-head stunt. After sometime, Mahek abort the stunt while Saurabh successfully completes it.

Shweta-Anushka starts the stunt. Shweta completes the stunt while Anushka also gave her best but unfortunately she fall down in between the stunt.

So, the results are very clear. Saurabh and Shweta gets the winning locket and joins Arjun-Astha. (episode ends)

Precap: The 3 remaining contestants will do their stunt to win the locket and move forward to the K medal race. It will be followed by the stunt to win the K medal.

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