Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 18 September 2021: Maha Sangam Begins – LIVE

Today’s new episode (18th September 2021) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) start with Rohit Shetty announcing Maha Sangam Week with Dance Deewane 3 contestants.

Rohit Shetty along with all the finalists Arjun Bijlani, Rahul Vaidya, Divyanka Tripathi, Shweta Tiwari and Vishal Aditya Singh are on the set of Dance Deewane 3.

The judges and the participants of Dance Deewane welcomes Rohit Shetty whole heartedly.

Rohit announces that this time the dare devils have to dance along with performing stunts which will be equally harder for the dancers as they have to show their dares.

The comedy queen Bharti Singh goes blindfolded to test if she is daring or not. Bharti has to put her hand through a hole of a box and get the keys it it by going through the obstacle.

When the box came up it only had a brance of a tree and there was a key in it. Bharti sarcastically gets the key in which the keychain reads Shetty Tower.

Rohit calls upon the stage the first contestant that is Vishal Singh paired with Saddam and Rupesh.

The whole performance is going to be full of actions and stunts in a stretch of half kilometres. Their task was to collect the pamphlets of KKK placed at different place through their stunts.

Throughout the task it was very challenging the cars were bursting but three of them successfully completed the task and was well appreciated by the judges and other contestants.

Next its Arjun Bijlani’s turn to show is daring. He will be performing with Rupesh and Piyush.

Arjun gave a powerful performance where he has so save himself from the lazers and sync with the dance choreography.

Arjun wins the heart of the judges with his mind-blowing performance full of power.

Then Rahul Vaidya calls Madhuri Dixit on the stage and impresses her with his romantic full of love shayari. He also sings for Madhuri and makes her speechless.

Everyone surprises Madhuri with their talents. Vishal does poetry for her, Piyush and Arjun dance with her.

Rohit Shetty asks Madhuri Dixit to be on stage to perform a stunt infront of everyone. Madhuri comes on the stage.

KKK 11 host Rohit Shetty says that Madhuri have to be blind folded, she can’t see anything but can feel it.

The task is Madhuri has to guess a thing just by feeling it. Madhuri Dixit is already very nervous and scare of Rohit Shetty’s stunts.

Rohit asks for the props and three thing come up out of which one is a pineapple. Though everyone are trying to confuse her.

But Madhuri guesses the pineapple as porcupine. The third object is a skeleton. Rohit and Arjun runs the fingers of it over Madhuri.

At the beginning she fails to recognise but when she holds the hand of the skeleton, she says it Dharmesh.

Next Rohit Shetty asks Rahul that he use to fly with his shayaris in khatron ke Khiladi so will he be able to fly in dance dewane with the hottest couple Arundhuti and Kishan.

Rahul’s stunt is while dancing he has to collect two pamphlets of KKK printed on it stuck on the pole on his side.

He has to collect them one by one and pass it to Arundhati who is in the middle of Rahul and Kishan haning in a circular prop.

The Shen has to pass it to Kishan and he will stick to the thr pole on his side.

During the whole performance the three of them are on harness hanging in the sky and the platform is also at a distance from the ground.

Three of them successfullt perform their stunt and get appreciated by the judge while Dharmesh requests Rahul Vaidya tk sing and Arundhati to dance to it.

They again give a mind blowing performance.

Then Harsh Limbachiya announces that there will be a compatibility text between team KKK and the participating children of Dance Deewane.

Harsh has some secrets of everyone of bith the teams. Each one of them will have to guess and spray to the person they think the secret belongs to. (episode ends…)

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