Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 14 August 2021: Popular Stunts Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (14 August 2021) of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts with contestants recalling the dangerous stunt that they all did in this season.

Note: We wrote this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it.

Later Rohit Shetty welcomes everyone in the new week.

He also shows the video message for our contestants from Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiya.

Everybody gets very happy seeing this funny video message.

This week contestants will be doing the most difficult, dangerous, and popular stunts of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

First Stunt of 14th August 2021

Now it’s time to do the first stunt of this new week. But before this, Karan Patel shares his experience about this stunt.

Stunt: It is a underwater stunt where a contestant will be hanging on a cable upside down. Once the stunt starts, contestant will be thrown in the pool of water where he/she will collect the flags. He/she will be pulled out from water for some secs to breathe.

Anushka, Rahul Vaidya and Vishal will do this stunt in the same order.

Anushka starts the stunt first but unfortunately she aborts it in few secs.

Rahul Vaidya starts the stunt and performed it very well.

Now Vishal Aditya Singh starts the stunt and after collecting some flags he also aborted it.

So the result is very clear, Rahul and Vishal are safe while Anushka gets fear fanda.

Second Stunt of 14th August 2021

Now it’s time for the next stunt of the day. But before this, Rohit Shetty ask Arjun and Nikki to help him to choose contestants who will do this stunt.

He assigned a funny task to get the names of tge contestants.

Abhinav-Nikki, Mahek-Varun, and Divyanka-Arjun will do this stunt in the same order.

Stunt: It is a partner stunt where both the partners will be on a hanging platform. They both will be tied and they will have to traverse on the platform to collect the flags. At the end, they will have to jump in the water. The twist in this stunt is that there will be a current in the flags. The bottom 2 couples will get fear fanda.

Before the stunt, Rithvik Dhanjani share his experience.

Abhinav-Nikki starts the stunt first. But after much time, they just collected 1 flag.

Now Mahek-Varun starts the stunt and they performed it well.

Arjun-Divyanka starts the stunt and they also performed it well.

Now it is the result time, Mahek-Varun got 6 flags Abhinav-Nikki got 1 flag, while Divyanka-Arjun got 8 flags. So, Abhinav-Nikki and Varun-Mahek got fear fanda.

Third Stunt of 14th August 2021

Now it’s time for the third stunt of the day which will be performed by Shweta and Sana Makbul. But before this, Aditya Narayan shares his experience about this stunt.

Stunt: A contestant will be locked in a coffin. Once the stunt starts he/she will have to find the keys and open all the 3 locks. As soon as the contestant gets unlocked, he will have to come out of that box. A twist in this stunt is that the box will be filled with rats and other creatures.

Sana starts the stunt first and successfully completes it.

Now Shweta starts the stunt but she is very afraid. She also completed the stunt.

Sana took 12 mins 6 secs while Shweta took 13 mins 1 sec. So, Sana is safe while Shweta gets the fear fanda.

Precap: All the fear fanda holders doing the stunt to get relief from this badge. It will be followed by the elimination stunt.

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