Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 12 September 2021: Semi Finale Week – LIVE

Today’s new episode (12th September 2021) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 (KKK 11) starts with Rohit Shetty reminding this week is Semi Finale Week.

Note: We have added this article live while watching this episode. Hope you will like it.

Yesterday we saw Abhinav got eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi’s Semi Finals.

He also continues that today one more contestant will get eliminated from KKK11.

Divyanka already got the Ticket to Finale which means she will directly perform the stunts in finale week.

The remaining contestants who will perform today’s stunts are Arjun, Shweta, Varun, Sana, Vishal, and Rahul.

From these 6, one contestant will say goodbye to Capetown and Khatron Ke Khiladi.

He also congratulates all the semi finalists of this season.

Before the stunt, Rohit asks who will win this show. Everybody gives there answers.

Later he also asks if they want to out their Bhadas on anyone.

Arjun, Shweta, Varun plays the guessing the word game.

First Stunt of 12th September 2021

Now it’s time for the first stunt of the second day of the semi-finals week.

Stunt: It is an under water stunt where a contestant will be inside a vacuum tube (container) that is full of water. Once the stunt starts, he/she will have to collect all the flags available in that container. If contestant aborts the stunt, vaccum will be released from that tube with that contestant.

Rohit also reminds that this is the same stunt which Tejaswi Prakash tried in the last season.

Shweta, Varun and Arjun will do this stunt in the same order. The 2 losers of this stunt will directly go in the eliminations.

Shweta was about to start stunt but she is not ready to perform the stunt.

After taking sometime she manages to start the stunt but unfortunately aborts it after collecting some flags.

Now Varun starts the stunt. He hooked some flags and then aborts the stunt.

Arjun starts the stunt. He aborts the stunt after hooking some flags.

Now the result is: Shweta collected many flags but didn’t hooked any of it, Varun hooked 3 flags, while Arjun hooked 4 flags.

So, Shweta and Varun got fear fanda.

Second Stunt of 12th September 2021

Before the next stunt, contestants have a video call with their family members and friends.

Later on, Rohit Shetty gives another chance to take revenge from any other contestant.

They choose Rahul, everybody enjoys it.

Now it’s time for the second stunt of the day.

Rahul, Sana, and Vishal will do this stunt. A loser will get fear fanda joining Shweta and Varun.

Stunt: A contestant will be in a flying helicopter (chopper). Once the chopper reaches the starting mark, then he/she will have to jump in the water. He/she will have to swim to the kayak boat and later take this boat to all the marks and collect all the parts of the detonator handles. After these are collected, the contestant will come out from the water, assemble that handle and attach-press that to fire it.

Sana start the stunt first and after spending much time she completes the stunt.

Now Rahul starts the stunt and successfully completes it.

Vishal’s proxy Varun start the stunt. He also managed to complete the stunt.

Now the result is: Vishal (Varun) took 8 mins 27 secs, Rahul took 6 mins 52 secs, while Sana took 24 mins 50 secs. So, Sana get fear fanda and joins Shweta and Varun in the elimination stunt.

Elimination Stunt of 12th September 2021

Now it’s time for the elimination stunt of the Semi Finale Week.

It will be performed by Varun, Shweta, and Sana. After this stunt, one from them will go home.

Stunt: It is a dynamic stunt where a contestant will have to collect 20 flags from running trucks. Once the stunt starts, the contestant will have to jump from the starting truck to the next truck and collect flags one-by-one and stick it to the first truck. He/she will have to collect all the 20 flags before the truck reaches the end point. A twist here is that the truck with flags will not go parallelly.

Varun, Sana, and Shweta will do this stunt in this order.

Varun start the stunt and successfully completed it.

Now Sana starts the stunt and performed it well.

Shweta start the stunt and manages to collect many flags.

The result is: Varun got 12 flags, Shweta got 7 flags while Sana got 3 flags. So, Sana gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11.

At the end we got our 6 finalists of KKK 11. They are Divyanka, Arjun, Shweta, Varun, Vishal, and Rahul Vaidya.

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