Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Elimination Today | KKK 2021

Colors TV’s stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 2021 (KKK season 11) got a great start with top 13 contestants.

Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi fans were to much excited to watch their favorite celebrities performing the dangerous stunts.

All these contestants will compete with each other to become the winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2021.

On 25th-26th September 2021, we saw Grand Finale of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 with the top 6 finalists. It was followed by the winner and runner-up announcement.

On 18th-19th September 2021, we saw our Khiladis performed stunt along with Dance Deewane 3 contestants in Maha Sangam special.

On 11th-12th September 2021, we saw our remaining contestants competed in the Semi Finals Week. At the end, we got our top 6 finalists of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 – Who Got Fear Fanda in Week 11

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Sr no.NameReceived onStunt
(25th September 2021)
Flags from Pole
(26th September 2021)
Flags from Trucks
(26th September 2021)
Smash the Cars

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Elimination News

On 26th September 2021, Arjun Bijlani was declared as the winner of KKK 11. Divyanka was the 1st runner-up, Vishal ended up with the 3rd place.

On 25th September 2021, the bottom 2 contestants of the first day of Grand Finale Week were Rahul and Shweta. From them, Rahul Vaidya got eliminated from KKK 11 finals.

On 12th September 2021, at the end of the second day of Semi Finals Week, the bottom 3 contestants who performed elimination stunt were Sana, Shweta, and Varun. From them, Sana got eliminated from KKK 11.

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Sr no.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Anushka SenTV ActressEliminated
(8th August 2021)
2Rahul VaidyaSingerEliminated
(25th September 2021)
3Mahek ChahalFilm Actress / ModelEliminated
(15th August 2021)
4Sana MakbulTV ActressEliminated
(11th September 2021)
5Vishal Aditya SinghTV Actor2nd Runner-up
(22nd August 2021)
6Divyanka TripathiTV Actress1st Runner-up
7Arjun BijlaniTV Actor / HostWinner
8Nikki TamboliFilm ActressEliminated
(22nd August 2021)
9Varun SoodActor / VJEliminated
(26th September 2021)
10Shweta TiwariTV ActressEliminated
(26th September 2021)
11Saurabh Raj JainTV ActorEliminated
(1st August 2021)
12Abhinav ShuklaTV ActorEliminated
(11th September 2021)
13Aastha GillSingerEliminated
(8th August 2021)

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86 Replies to “Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Elimination Today | KKK 2021”

  1. Arjun bijlani is fixed winner of kkk11. divyanka shud b the winner.
    When u see the final episode, u can see clearly, how easily they have given rope to arjun bijlani on the boat from helicopter.
    But when u see divyanka’s turn they wantedly moved the rope upside and far away from her. So that her time shud b wasted n she won’t b the winner.
    It shows clearly how they cheated her in the finale, so that no one can question them. Colors channel n rohit have already decided the winner. Very bad.

  2. Everybody, see. It is not a pre planned show, it is a good show but if (Saurabh and Aastha) come back then this show will last veeery long. They were close to the finale so they couldn’t add all of them. Watch the finale of KKK aleast, son’t be angry.
    And yeah Anushka didn’ die, she’s just out of the show.

    • Yes but she always says that Yeh nahi khul ya mil raha hai. Otherwise she is too a tough competeter to defeat in when it comes to animal stunt

    • Yaa but unfortunately , She is eliminated.
      But Now 😎 Divyanka Tripathi is 😜is directly to finale stunt(from Tickets to finale) !!! I hope she win…. 😘 fingers crossed🤞. May the best Win this show!!

  3. Its totally unfair with Sourabh and Aastha. They also deserve a re-entry without performing any stunt. This is injustice to the talented kiladis😐😡😠

  4. Direct entry is must important no stunt performance by three wild entry all r planned
    Sourabh and aasthe doesn’t perform any shocking stunt but Vishal performs w stunt
    So one more chance gives to aastha and sourabh

  5. This is totally unfair with all 3 wildcard participants why they perform stunt they deserve direct entry. For this behavior it’s totally shows that this show is biased. Why arjun bijlani safe whereas he eliminate Saurabh why sweta safe whereas she eliminate Astha.
    This show is biased totally pre planned like big boss. I am not going to watch this show anymore 😡😡

  6. Firstly sourabh got eliminated by guilt of arjun bijlani and then aastha got eliminated by guilt of shweta and vishal got eliminated by guilt of nikki thats all injustice

  7. We want vishal Aditya Singh and Sourabh Jain and Aastha Gill back because they gotten eliminated unfortunately 😢

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