Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 4 July 2020:  Karan Patel, Karishma, Shivin in the elimination

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 4 July 2020: Karan Patel, Karishma, Shivin in the elimination

Today’s episode (4 July 2020) of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 (KKK 10) starts the recap where Karan Patel aborted the stunt last week and directly goes into the elimination round.

This new week starts with Rohit Shetty’s give a chance to contestants to take revenge from the opponent by throwing various things on him.

Tejasswi takes revenge from Shivin. Balraj and Dharmesh also take part in this comic stint.

Now it’s time for the first stunt of this fresh week. Rohit Shetty gives a demo of a scary fire stunt.

Everybody is stunned seeing the demo of this fire stunt.

Now Rohit Shetty explains this partner stunt where both the partners will be at the starting point. 1 contestant will have to lit up the allegory (Mashalls) and then lit up the dress of the 2nd partner. The second partner will have to fire 3 dummies, then that contestant will have to lay down at the given endpoint.

Karishma, Balraj, and Tejasswi will do this dangerous stunt.

These 3 contestants will have to choose their partners. Tejasswi chose Karan, Karishma chose Dharmesh, while Balraj chose Shivin.

Balraj-Shivin will do this stunt first. They start the stunt with fear and completes the stunt.

Now its time for Karishma-Dharmesh, they start the stunt and successfully completes it.

Now Tejasswi-Karan starts the stunt. They also performed and completed it well.

Karishma-Dharmesh finished it in 22 secs, Tejasswi-Karan did it in 18 secs, whereas Balraj-Shivin completed it in 15 secs.

So, Karishma gets the fear fanda.

Now its time for the second stunt of the week but before it Rohit Shetty takes a Darr Ka Test of Karishma Tanna.

Now he explains the second stunt. This is also a partner stunt where 1 contestant will be on a car while another partner will be lying on a running platform (scorcher) followed by a running truck with flags on it. 1st partner will also control the lying partner where 2nd partner will have to take maximum flags and transfer it to the 1st partner where he will hook them.

Dharmesh and Shivin will do this stunt.

Dharmesh chose Karan Patel while Shivin select Balraj as their partner.

Shivin-Balraj will do this stunt first where Shivin will be lying on a platform while Balraj will be controlling him. Shivin-Balraj starts the stunt and completes it very well.

Now its time for Dharmesh and Karan Patel. Dharmesh will be lying on a scorcher while KP will control that.

Dharmesh-KP starts the stunt and completes it successfully.

Shivin-Balraj took 4 mins 20 secs while Dharmesh-KP took 3 mins 33 secs. So, Shivin gets the fear fanda.

So the 3 contestants who will do the elimination stunt are Karishma, Karan Patel, and Shivin.

Later, Rohit Shetty handovers a closed envelope to Dharmesh and says to him to open it only when he orders.

Now its time for the elimination stunt, where a contestant will be locked in a dark room (cage) which is full of creepy-crawlies. He/She will have to find 3 keys and open the first shutter that is there. After opening that he/she will have to pass thru a tunnel and find 3 other keys and open another shutter. Later he/she will have to again find the last 3 keys and open the last shutter and come out for that cage.

Karishma, Shivin and KP will do this elimination stunt.

Shivin Narang will do this stunt first. He starts the stunt and he is scared of the creepy-crawlies that are present in that room. Shivin completes the stunt.

Now its time for Karishma Tanna, she starts the stunt and completes it with bravery.

Lastly, now its Karan Patel’s turn. He starts the stunt but he is very scared of the Creepy crawlies.

Karan Patel is so scared that he decides to do not to continue this stunt and abort it. And unfortunately, he aborts this elimination stunt.

The result is very clear as Karan Patel aborted this stunt so he will get eliminated today. Everybody gets emotional seeing KP eliminated.

Wait this is not the end. Now Rohit Shetty orders Dharmesh to open that given envelope. Dharmesh gets stunned seeing what was written inside.

Yes, you are thinking in the correct direction. No elimination surprise. It was a major surprise given by Rohit Shetty. Everybody is shocked and happy seeing Karan Patel back in KKK 10.

KP thanked Rohit Shetty.

Precap: Ticket to finale race starts from tomorrow, where contestants will have to be limitless to get the ticket to finals. Tejasswi gets scared after doing a stunt. Tejasswi also wants to abort another stunt.

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