Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 27 June 2020: Adaa, Shivin, Balraj does the elimination stunt

Today’s episode (27 June 2020) of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 (KKK 10) starts with Rohit Shetty’s asks for the contestant who has fear fandas.

Adaa, Shivin, and Balraj are the fear fanda holders who will do the elimination stunt. He asks other contestants who will eliminate today.

Rohit Shetty explains the stunt where a contestant will be on a high platform and he/she will have to pass on it and remove the flags. The contestant who will take out maximum flags will win.

Shivin starts the stunt first and completes it successfully.

Now Adaa starts the stunt and successfully performs it. She was very scared while doing this stunt.

Now it time for Balraj to do the elimination stunt. He completes it successfully.

Balraj completed this stunt in 5 min 35 secs, Adaa completed it in 6 mins 50 secs while Shivin completed it in 6 mins 31 secs.

So, its clear Shivin and Balraj are safe, Adaa Khan gets eliminated.

Later Rohit Shetty announces the new week as a partner week where each contestant will have to do the stunt with their co-partner.

Now its time for the first stunt where both partners will be hanging on a rope. One of the partners will pull the rope where another partner will get the flag. He/She will transfer the flags to another partner. After all flags, the contestant will transfer Mountain Dew and the stunt gets over.

But the twist in this stunt is that the main contestant of the losing team will get the fear fanda, not both of them.

Tejasswi, Karishma, and Dharmesh will do this stunt. They choose their co-partner.

Tejasswi chooses Karan Patel, Dharmesh chooses Shivin, and Karishma chooses Balraj.

Karishma-Balraj will do this stunt first, followed by Dharmesh-Shivin and later Tejasswi-Karan will perform it.

Karishma-Balraj starts the stunt where Karishma will transfer the flags to Balraj who will pull the rope. They complete it successfully.

Now its time for Dharmesh-Shivin. They also start the stunt where Dharmesh will transfer the flags to Shivin who will pull the rope. The team completes it.

Now its Tejasswi-Karan’s turn where Tejasswi will transfers flags and Karan will pull the rope. They start the stunt and performed it well.

Dharmesh-Shivin completed this stunt in 4 mins 40 secs, Karishma-Balraj completed the stunt in 5 mins 10 secs while Tejasswi-Karan did it in 4 mins 3 secs.

So, Tejasswi-Karan and Dharmesh-Shivin won the stunt. Where Karishma Tanna gets the fear fanda.

Now its time for the second stunt where 1 partner will start dragging the box from one point to another. Later he will have to open that box which is full of creepy things. (episode ends)

Precap: Karan Patel in the box and wants to abort the stunt. Tejasswi-Tanna has seen doing the underwater stunt.

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  1. So sad Adaa Khan got eliminated 😢😢
    She is my favourite lady contestant as well as Tejasswi. My favourite male contestant is Dharmesh he’s so strong yaaa ❤️

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