Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 22 March 2020: Adaa and Amruta goes in the elimination

Today’s episode (22 March 2020) of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 (KKK 10) starts with Rohit Shetty’s comic stint with all the contestants.

Now he announces the first stunt will be done by Amruta and Tejasswi. But before it, he declares the advantage stunt. In this advantage stunt, Amruta and Tejasswi will have to eat ice-cream in 1 minute. As Amruta is suffering from Asthama, she selects Balraj as a proxy for this.

Balraj and Tejasswi start eating ice-cream and Balraj (Amruta) wins this advantage.

Later Rohit Shetty declares the first stunt as a partner stunt where 1 partner will be locked in a plane which is in the swimming pool and another partner is on a platform. This 2nd partner will jump in the swimming pool and get the keys and unlock the 1st partner. Later both partners will have to open the bottle of mountain dew and take a sip of it, but the twist is when the stunt starts, the plane will start to sink.

Now its time for advantage for Amruta. The advantage is that she can select her favorite partner for this partner stunt. Amruta selects Balraj while Tejasswi selects Shivin. As Amruta won the advantage, Teju-Shivin will do this stunt first.

Tejasswi and Shivin start the stunt where Shivin is locked in the plane and Teju dives in and unlocks him. They successfully complete it.

Now, Balraj and Amruta start this stunt where Balraj is locked in the plane and Amruta will try to unlock him. They start the stunt but Amurta aborts it and fails to unlock Balraj.

Teju-Shivin wins this stunt and gets safe, Amruta and Balraj get fear fanda.

Now it’s time for the second stunt where a contestant will be tied behind horses where this contestant is given a rod and he/she will have to hit the targets (total 50) that come in the way. This stunt will be performed by Karan Patel and Adaa Khan. But before it, they will have to do an advantage stunt.

In the advantage stunt, Karan Patel (KP) and Adaa will have to find and take out Madagascar cockroaches from a box of cockroaches in a given minute. They start it and Adaa takes out more cockroaches, she wins the advantage. The advantage is that Adaa will get 10 extra targets to hit.

Karan lost the advantage so he will start the stunt first. KP has a total of 50 targets to hit. He starts the stunt and successfully completes it. He enjoyed doing this.

Now it’s Adaa’s turn. She has a total of 60 targets to hit. Adaa starts it and gives her 100% in this stunt. She performs it well.

KP hit 27 targets while Adaa hit 14 targets. So KP wins this task and gets relief from fear fanda. While Adaa gets fear fanda and directly goes into the elimination round.

Later Rohit Shetty plays a prank on Karishma Tanna.

Now it’s time for the third stunt in which a contestant will be on a large rotating wheel and its speed will get increasing from time-to-time. The contestant will have to balance him/herself on that wheel. This is a time-based stunt. The loser of this stunt will directly go into the elimination stunt and will do face-off with Adaa.

The 2 fear fanda holders, Balraj and Amruta will do this pre-elimination stunt. But before it, they will do an advantage stunt.

In the advantage stunt, both will have to open a lace that is tied on Monitor Lizard but with the help of their mouth.

Balraj and Amruta start the stunt and Amurta opens it first and wins it. Amruta gets an advantage that the speed of the wheel will increase slowly for her.

Amruta starts the stunt first and tries to balance herself on a wheel. She performed it. Now it’s Balraj’s turn. He starts the stunt and performs it well.

Amruta balanced herself for 1 min 26 secs while Balraj balanced himself for 2 mins 27 secs. So, Balraj wins this task and gets relief from a fear fanda. While Amruta directly goes into the elimination round and will compete with Adaa Khan to stay in this game.

Next week, Adaa and Amruta will do the elimination stunt.

Precap: Balraj doing a stunt with snakes, Shivin climbing a platform while Karan Patel was seen doing a stunt in a swimming pool.

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