Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 18 July 2020:  Semi-Finals Week

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Update 18 July 2020: Semi-Finals Week

Today’s episode (18 July 2020) of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 (KKK 10) starts with the Rohit Shetty’s announcement of Dosti Special Week and Shivin-Smriti is in the elimination round.

Now we will see the other contestants who will join Shivin in the elimination stunt.

Now it’s time for the first stunt which is a partner stunt where both the partners will be tied on a rolling platform which is inside a container that is full of water and chickens. Both of them will have to get the chickens and throw them into a box.

This stunt will be performed by Karan Patel-Abhishek and Karishma Tanna-Salman. But before that, they play a small game to decide who will go first. KP wins it.

So, Karishma-Salman will do the stunt first. They start the stunt and performed it very well.

Now it’s time for KP-Abhishek for this stunt but KP denies as he got injured in the last stunt. So, Abhishek decides to do the stunt alone.

Abhishek starts the stunt but unfortunately aborted the stunt in between.

So, it is clear that Karishma is safe and KP goes to elimination and gets the fear fanda.

Now it’s time for the another stunt but before this Rohit Shetty plays a game with Karishma Tanna and other contestants.

Now in the second stunt, both the contestants will have to find and collect alphabets F-E-A-R. 1 partner will be in a shopping trolley while another partner will push it. The twist in the stunt is that they will have to find these alphabets from the waste items. Finally, once they collect all the letters they will have to find and raise the flag.

This stunt will be performed by Balraj-Shalin, Tejasswi-Kabir.

Balraj-Shalin starts the stunt first and completed it well.

Now its time for Tejasswi-Kabir but she denies doing the stunt as she is injured and doctors also said no to do the stunts. But here host Rohit Shetty gives a proxy option.

Shivin, Karishma, Balraj, Karan Patel says no to do the stunt on behalf of Tejasswi.

So, Rohit Shetty gives permission to Tejasswi to quit Khatron Ke Khiladi 10.

Now it’s time for the elimination stunt which will be done by Shivin and Karan Patel.

This is a car stunt where the contestant will have to go from the start point to the endpoint and hits the obstacles and finally they will have to fly the car by riding it onto the car ramp slope and hit the other barrels.

Shivin-Smriti starts the stunt first but unfortunately, he missed the car ramp slope.

Now it’s time for Karan Patel-Abhishek, they start the stunt and successfully completes it.

So, it is clear the Karan Patel won the stunt and is safe from the elimination and Shivin gets eliminated from the show.

So, we got our Top 4 finalists of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 who are Karishma Tanna, Dharmesh, Karan Patel, and Balraj.

Precap: Top 4 finalists doing a stunt in the finale week to enter into the Grand Finale.

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