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KBC 2020 Question Today – 28th September 2020 – Questions List

Sony TV’s Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 14 started again on 28th September 2020.

We will update all the questions that were asked on today on 28th September 2020.

Check out below for the list of questions and their answers:

First selected contestant: Aarti Jagtap

Question 1: The term “app” in the context of a mobile app, is a shortened form of which word?

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A. AppleB. Apparel
C. ApparatusD. Application

Question 2: Which actress made her debut, in a leading role, in the film that featured this song?

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A. Ankita LokhandeB. Alaya F
C. Sanjana SanghiD. Ananya Panday

Question 3: According to our Union Ministry of Health and WHO, you should wash your hands with soap and water for at least how many seconds to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

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A. 1-5 secsB. 5-10 secs
C. 10-15 secsD. 20-30 secs

Question 4: This photograph was taken at the trailer launch of a film about which ISRO mission? (Image in Question)

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A. GaganyanB. Mangalyaan
C. Chandrayaan-2D. Chandrayaan-1

Question 5: In which city is this historical place located? (Video in Question)

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A. PatialaB. Ludhiana
C. AmritsarD. Chandigarh

Question 6: Which river passes through marble stones in Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh?

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A. ChambalB. Narmada
C. ShipraD. Betwa

Question 6: Which actor has a film production company that has the name of spices in it’s name?

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A. Salman KhanB. Saif Ali Khan
C. Shahrukh KhanD. Aamir Khan

Question 7: In January 2020, Rani Rampal became the first ever player in which sport to win the ‘World Games Athlete of the Year 2019’ award?

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A. HockeyB. Table Tennis
C. CricketD. Football

Question 8: A professional examination board popularly called Vyapam conducts various tests for admission to various professional courses in which of these states?

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A. GujaratB. Uttar Pradesh
C. RajasthanD. Chhattisgarh

Question 9: According to Mahabharata, who among these was not Arjuna’s wife?

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A. SubhadraB. Ulupi
C. DevikaD. Chitrangada

Question 10: The release of which chemical led to the Bhopal Gas tragedy in 1984?

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A. Hydrogen AzideB. Methyl Isocyanate
C. DichlorosilaneD. Silicon Tetrachloride

Question 11: Written by former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, the book ‘Matoshree’ is based on the life of which Indian queen?

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A. Rani LaxmibaiB. Rani Padmini
C. Rani DurgavatiD. Rani Ahilyabai Holkar

Question 12: Who actually invented the telescope in 1608?

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A. Johannes KeplerB. Nicolaus Copernicus
C. Hans LippersheyD. Galileo Galilei

Contestant on Hot Seat: Sonu Kumar Gupta

Question 1: Which of these states is also known for ‘Aligarh Ke Taale’, ‘Bareilley ka Surma’, and ‘Firozabad ki Chudiyaan’?

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A. Uttar PradeshB. Madhya Pradesh
C. Himachal PradeshD. Bihar

The viewers can now watch and play the KBC at their home on the Sony LIV app and win 1 lac rupees.

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  1. In the latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, host Amitabh Bachchan starts the game with the rollover contestant, Shivani Dhingra. Big B asks question for Rs 3,20,000 to Shivani. Shivani didn’t know the answer and decides to use her third lifeline – Flip the question.
    Big B replaces the question and asks her – Which bird with far-seeing vision told Hanuman’s search party that Sita was held captive in Lanka? Shivani is unable to answer and uses her last lifeline – Expert opinion.

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