KBC 2020 Registration Question Today – Season 12

Today, Sony TV started the registration process (Question and Answer) of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 12 from 9th May 2020.

Here KBC host Mr. Amitabh Bachchan asks a simple question everyday and the interested viewers will have to answer the question by sending the correct answer.

So, now if you are the interested viewer and want to participate in KBC 2020, then you must have to register yourself. To register, download the Sony LIV app or send it in your answer via SMS. (Check process below)

You will have to send your answer before 9:00 PM tomorrow.

Now, If you missed today’s question then don’t worry we have this for you. Check out below for the same.

UPDATE: After the first round of KBC 12 registrations, host Mr. Amitabh Bachchan announced and gave another chance to be a part of this show with new registrations just for SonyLiv users only. (Check promo here).

The second round of KBC 12 registrations started from 25th June 2020.

KBC Registration Questions For SonyLiv Users Only

NOTE: There were a total of 9 questions for KBC Registrations for SonyLIV users. Registrations are already closed.

KBC Question 9 – 3rd July 2020

Q9. Which of these countries shares its borders with five states of India?

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A. Sri Lanka B. Myanmar
C. NepalD. Bhutan
(Watch the video)

Q8. Which of these diseases has no effective vaccine?

KBC Question 8 – 2nd July 2020

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. MumpsB. Tetanus
C. Common Cold D. Smallpox
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 7 – 1st July 2020

Q7. Which of these teams has reached the finals of the men’s ICC Cricket World Cup but has never won it?

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A. EnglandB. Pakistan
C. West IndiesD. New Zealand
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 6 – 30th June 2020

Q6. What are Nisarga, Amphan, and Fani all names of?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Weather satellitesB. Tropical cyclones
C. Volcanic islandsD. Clouds
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 5 – 29th June 2020

Q5. Which of these spices is not a fruit or seed?

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A. Black pepperB. Red Chilli
C. Cinnamon D. Nutmeg
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 4 – 28th June 2020

Q4. In Hindi films, who among these has portrayed characters such as Majnu, Akbar Illahabadi, Rauf Lala, and Chintuji?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Rajesh Khanna B. Vinod Khanna
C. DharmendraD. Rishi Kapoor
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 3 – 27th June 2020

Q3. Who among the following was the first chief minister of his state?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Narayan Dutt TiwariB. Ajit Jogi
C. Raman SinghD. Bhagat Singh Koshyari
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 2 – 26th June 2020

Q2. Which of these protective articles have N95 or N99 ratings?

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A. GlovesB. Face Masks
C. Hand SanitizersD. Helmets
(Watch the video)

KBC Question 1 – 25th June 2020

Q1. Maratha warrior Tanaji Malusare’s bravery led to the capture of which fort by the Maratha forces in 1670?

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A. Kondhana (Sinhagad)B. Rajgad
C. SindhudurgD. Panhala
(Watch the video)

KBC Registration Questions For All Users – Old

KBC Question 14 – 22nd May 2020

Q14. Which of the following heroines is a ‘Desi Girl’, according to a song featuring her, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Katrina KaifB. Anushka Sharma
C. Kareena KapoorD. Priyanka Chopra
(Check Video)

KBC Question 13 – 21st May 2020

Q13. Which of these is made of bone?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Walrus tusksB. Rhino horns
C. Deer antlersD. Elephant tusks
(Check Video)

KBC Question 12 – 20th May 2020

Q12. Circle Style and Standard Style are two variants of which sport?

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A. KabaddiB. Volleyball
C. Kho KhoD. Basketball
(Check Video)

KBC Question 11 – 19th May 2020

Q11. What role did Mukesh Khanna play in B R Chopra’s TV series ‘Mahabharata’?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. ArjunaB. Lord Krishna
C. BhishmaD. Bhima
(Check Video)

KBC Question 10 – 18th May 2020

Q10. Which of these words begin the Preamble to the Constitution of India?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Justice, Liberty, EqualityB. Truth alone triumphs
C. We, the People of IndiaD. Twenty-Sixth Day of November 1949
(Check Video)

KBC Question 9 – 17th May 2020

Q9. The name of which religion comes from the sanskrit root word “shishya” meaning “discipline”?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. HinduismB. Sikhism
C. JainismD. Buddhism
(Check Video)

KBC Question 8 – 16th May 2020

Q8. The world’s largest cricket stadium in Motera near Ahmedabad is named in honour of which leader?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Mahatma GandhiB. Morarji Desai
C. Madhav Singh SolankiD. Sardar Patel
(Check Video)

KBC Question 7 – 15th May 2020

Q7. Which is the first state the River Brahmaputra flows through on entering India?

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A. AssamB. Meghalaya
C. Arunachal PradeshD. Nagaland
(Check Video)

KBC Question 6 – 14th May 2020

Q6. In what sport have Pullela Gopichand and two of his students won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?

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A. TennisB. Table Tennis
C. BadmintonD. Squash
(Check Video)

KBC Question 5 – 13th May 2020

Q5. Which superstar in his early career appeared in the TV series “Wagle Ki Duniya”, “Fauji”, and “Circus”?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Salman KhanB. Shah Rukh Khan
C. Aamir KhanD. Sanjay Dutt
(Check Video)

KBC Question 4 – 12th May 2020

Q4. What sport did 16-year-old Shafali Verma play for India at a World Cup in 2020?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. HockeyB. Wrestling
C. CricketD. Badminton
(Check Video)

KBC Question 3 – 11th May 2020

Q3. Which Place was merged with Dadra and Nagar Haveli to form India’s newest Union Territory?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. Daman and DiuB. Lakshadweep
C. KutchD. Minicoy Island
(Check Video)

KBC Question 2 – 10th May 2020

Q2. In the film “Bala”, what does Balmukund Shukla, the character played by Ayushmann Khurrana, struggle with?

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A. Greying HairB. Premature ageing
C. Memory lossD. Premature baldness
(Check Video)

KBC Question 1 – 9th May 2020

Q1. Where in China was the coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, first identified?

⇄ Scroll to see full table
A. ShenzhouB. Wuhan
C. BeijingD. Shanghai
(Check Video)

KBC 12 Registration Process – How to answer?

You can register yourself and start answering the questions by downloading the SonyLiv App from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore OR you can also send your entries by sending a text SMS as follows:

Subscribers of Airtel, BSNL, Jio & Vodafone-Idea in select circles (please check rates with your telecom operators)
You need to give all the answers in the below-given format:
KBC<space><Answer(A/B/C/D)><space><Age(in completed years)><space><Gender(M/F/O)> to 509093
For e.g., If you think the correct answer is A, and you are 26 years and 5 months old and are a male; then you will have to send SMS like:
KBC A 26 M and send it to 509093.

Don’t forget to send your answers before 9:00 PM tomorrow.

Best of luck.

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