Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Shivani shocked Prerna, Mr. Bajaj in trouble

Star Plus’s most favorite serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (KZK2) is up for the new twist in the upcoming story after Shivani’s kidnapping.

So far we have seen that Prerna noticed Shivani is kidnapped by Ronit and she goes to the police station to file a complaint.

But the inspector is not ready to file the case as Shivani and Ronit was in affair.

Prerna goes into Basu Mansion to warn Komolika to leave Shivani.

Later Prerna follows Komolika and reaches the location where Shivani is captivated.

New trouble for Mr. Bajaj

On the other hand, Mr. Bajaj walks into the police station and orders the inspector to take this case.

But here someone secretly records this conversation and leaks this in the media. This will create a new problem for Mr. Bajaj and his reputation.

Later on, police reach the location where Shivani is captivated but here she makes a shocking statement.

Shivani clarifies that she was not being kidnapped by Ronit and she came here by her own wish.

Prerna gets shocked hearing this statement and gets angry on Shivani.

Now it would be really interesting to see why Shivani made this statement and what will happen with Mr. Bajaj’s recorded conversation.

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