Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Bajaj-Prerna starts living with Anurag in Basu House

In the forthcoming track of Star Plus’ serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay viewers will see an interesting twist and turn as Bajajs starts to live in Basu house.

So far we have seen that Anurag successfully snatched Mr. Bajaj’s business and his house.

This makes Prerna speechless where Mohini celebrates this winning moment.

Later on we will see Prerna will beg Anurag to do not get Bajaj mansion and in turn, Anurag put a deal to leave Bajaj.

Prerna refused this offer and now she is Mrs. Rishabh Bajaj.

Bajaj enters in Basu Mansion with a new twist

On the other side, Mr. Bajaj will make his entry and warns Anurag to spare his house but Anurag refuses.

Finally, as Bajaj has no option where he will come with Prerna and his family to start living in Basu mansion.

On questioning from Basu’s, Mr. Bajaj will show property papers of Basu’s house that he got from banks. Anurag took a loan keeping Basu mansion on the mortgage.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Basu and Bajaj will share a house or not.

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