Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2: Mr. Bajaj’s heroic entry to save Prerna, New leap ahead

Star Plus’s most popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 (KZK 2) is ready for the high voltage drama with Mr. Rishabh Bajaj re-entry and a new leap twist in the upcoming storyline.

So far we have seen Anurag decided to re-marry Prerna and will accept her child Sneha as well.

But as we know Anurag is playing a game with Prerna and is doing all this with hidden intentions.

Later as per the promo shown, Anurag will try to kill Prerna by pushing her from the Howrah bridge.

But luckily Mr. Bajaj will make a heroic entry to save Prerna from a river and he will succeed in it.

Prerna gets shocked seeing Mr. Bajaj alive and is also shattered that Anurag had betrayed her and tried to kill her.

Mr. Bajaj will also reveal what other things Anurag did with Prerna and he just cheated her.

Mr. Bajaj-Prerna to live life in London-Leap ahead

Later Mr. Bajaj and Prerna will get another shocking news that Komolika sent Sneha in an orphanage.

The couple will rush towards the orphanage where they will get shattered seeing the orphanage burning and will get the news that Sneha is no more.

Prerna is totally devastated hearing this and she tries to kill herself but Mr. Bajaj will stop her and requests her to live with him in London with his daughter Kuki.

Now it seems like if Prerna will shift to London then we will see a leap of some years in the storyline.

Now it would be really enthralling to see whether Sneha is alive or not and whether Prerna will shift to London with Mr. Bajaj leaving all her memories or not.

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17 Replies to “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2: Mr. Bajaj’s heroic entry to save Prerna, New leap ahead”

  1. I’m very much excited to watch the next episodes
    Literally I loved it the most
    I’m very connected to it seriously
    Nd all the best KZK 2 everybody
    All success is yours❤️
    Love you all❤️ literally I’m very much obsessed with the drama

  2. Till the story does not have some twists the story will not go long…rather it would the viewers bored by the same kind of story being repeated…so a twist was needed and this it..Mr.bajaj with prerna..let’s see what new creation does ekta mam have for her viewers

  3. Idk but i have a different kind of attachment with this serial which made me cry yesterday…it seems like not prerna but I’m suffering all those s**t 🙄

    • I agree. It is becaming very stupid all this. I think there is a lack of creativity and after that they put this nonsenses.

  4. this is the only drama serial that i watch. by not uniting AnuPre and making Anurag decieve Prerna will make the story go downhill. please unite AnuPre and do not let bajaj re enter and do not let anurag kill/deceive prerna. please unite them and let komolika’s truth be exposed, and the truth that sneha is aunurag’s daughter.
    this just makes the story annoying and will definitely lose my view
    dont make it one of those serials that run out of ideas and ruin the whole serial

  5. the show has been ruined now. please don’t spoil it and make it like those other serials which story-line goes downhill by jumping ahead in time as well as not uniting the two lovers.
    please unite AnuPre and don’t make it a typical serial that’s story-line becomes stupid and irritating.
    this will make the serial lose its viewers and popularity.

  6. Hey Hiii Ekta please save sneha she is very cute and give it to prena and live a happy life with Mr.Bajaj and kuki in London….I hate anurag and sonalika oh she is komolika

    • Well say, dear, after seeing what Anurag did to Prerna yesterday, I start wishing her to forget him and be with Bajaj who first deceived her then fall in love with her for real, then Anu whom all of us thought he loved her.

  7. If u sent Prerna ko mr Bajaj ke sath basus ka dout sach me badlega ye anupre ka Milan keliye acha nahi please don’t seperate them

  8. Bajaj saves kid on the condition anurags cheats prerna. Later he takes her away to london.. Omg such a vicious circle of story ekta has… Its nt boring its irritating indeed..

    Btw family to zinda hai na.. So y nt live with them.. Lol

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