Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2: Anurag-Prerna to visit in Durga Maa’s pandaal

Star Plus’s popular serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 (KZK2) is ready for a new drama in the upcoming storyline where Anurag-Prerna to meet in Durga Maa’s pandal.

So far we have seen that Kuki and Prerna requested Mr. Bajaj to allow them to go to Kolkata and he said yes.

Now Prerna and Kuki Bajaj (Aditi Sanwal) arrive in Kolkata and in the airport their bag gets exchanged with Rakhi’s bag.

Here Anurag and his nephew Kaushik (Kunal Thakur) also came to the airport to pick up her mother Rakhi (Parull Chaudhary).

Anurag meets her sister Rakhi and gets to know that her bag got exchanged with someone. Later he learns that the name of the owner of this bag is Prerna.

Here Prerna feels that Anurag is behind her and recalls all the past. But luckily Kukki handles the situation.

Anurag Prerna in same pandaal

Later on, we will see that Komolika has organized a Durga Maa’s pandaal where Anurag and other Basus will also be present.

On the other hand, Prerna hears a shell voice that is done in the Durga puja and learns it is coming from the biggest pandal of Durga maa.

She decides to visit Durga Maa’s pandal for the blessings.

In the puja, Prerna and Anurag will recall all the past moments that they spent together in Durga puja.

Now it would be very enthralling to see whether Anurag and Prerna will have a face-off in the puja or not.

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  1. Hope tha ty it’s not some soppy romance for once Prena should act like a business women and reaches height where she can show Basu especially mohini and her useless dtr nevitita. Anurag should suffer for what he did .Senior Mr Basu should stay in the shadow of Prehna and watch .Please don’t make it a triangle love story. Let’s move forward with strong focused Prehna /Mr Bajaj with her family .Don’t spoil with another memory loss..

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