Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 Elimination Tonight

Network 10 started Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 season 3 with the top 14 mini chefs who will compete to win this title.

Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 premiered it’s first episode on Sunday 11th October 2020 at 7:30 PM.

This reality show for junior chefs returned back after 9 long years.

This time MasterChef Australia: Back To Win judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen will judge the Juniors season.

Now for the very first week we will see the elimination and pressure test where the bottom contestants will compete to stay safe from the elimination.

Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 Updates

On Tuesday 27th October 2020, we will see the contestants will be cooking the hand-pulled noodles made by Mr. X. The top 2 dishes will get safe from the next elimination.

On Monday 26th October 2020, we will see the remaining top 9 contestants will be cooking the dish from MasterChef Australia: Back To Win winner Emelia Jackson’s mystery box.

On Sunday 25th October 2020, there will be no telecast of Junior MasterChef Australia.

On 20th October 2020, we saw the 2nd elimination of this season where all the bottom 9 non-immune contestants competed in teen chef Morgan Hipworth’s elimination challenge named Doughnut Toppings and Fillings. From them, 2 contestants got eliminated. (Read below)

On 19th October 2020, the mini masterchefs cooked in the Andy Allen’s immunity challenge. The top 2 contestants who got immunity were Laura and Ruby.

On 18th October 2020, we saw top 11 contestants competed in the Giant-sized Mystery Box challenge named Where Are the Judges?!. And from them, Filo, Laura, Ruby, and Vienna were in the Top 4.

Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 Elimination

On 20th October 2020, we saw all the bottom 9 contestants compete in the elimination challenge. And unfortunately, Phenix and Salvo got eliminated from the Junior MasterChef Australia 3.

On 13th October 2020, as a part of 1st elimination, we saw 3 contestants got eliminated tonight from the Junior MasterChef Australia. These mini chefs were Etka, Ryan, and Porsha.

On Tuesday 13th October 2020, we saw all the bottom 12 contestants competed to stay safe from the elimination. First round was a Blindfold Taste Test and later on the remaining contestants gone into the 2nd round where they cooked a dish which can only be eaten by a spoon, chopsticks, or a real life human hand.

On Monday 12th October 2020, we saw contestants compete in the Mystery Box cum Immunity Challenge where at the end, the top 2 dishes made by Georgia, and Carter succeed to won the immunity and got relief from tomorrow’s elimination.

On Sunday 11th October 2020, we saw the premiere episode where contestants fought to win the Immunity Gong. At the end, Laura and Dev won this gong.

Sr No.Contestant NameAgeFromStatus
2Carter12New South WalesCompeting
(13th October 2020)
8Phenix11New South WalesEliminated
(20th October 2020)
(13th October 2020)
10Ruby11Western AustraliaCompeting
11Ryan11South AustraliaEliminated
(13th October 2020)
12Salvo13Western AustraliaEliminated
(20th October 2020)

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